Top 10 Signs Someone is a Sociopath

Ever suspected a sociopathic person? A sociopath is a person with a personality disorder seeing itself with antisocial behavior who tend to show charm and charisma and they would lie to others and blame them for hurting them while the sociopath is the one hurting them, but pulls the victim card whenever they get hurt. As they are frequently anti social people, they have barely to no friends because other people don’t want to get associated with once they realize they are dealing with a sociopath. They can’t be trusted whatsoever. They also brainwash people into liking them for their own benefits and advantages. They become really happy when you do exactly what they say when they brainwashed you enough with their niceness. So whatever you do, NEVER trust a sociopath because it won’t end well for you if they gained your trust. Avoid them at all costs, otherwise you will regret it really badly.

This list is about signs that someone could be a sociopath. With that being said, here’s is the list.
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1 They are manipulative

They tend to use others for their own personal gain and own benefits to make pleasure for themselves. They enjoy to get other people around them to let them do things they wouldn’t do usually, even when it causes consequences for them.

Sociopaths use others as empty shells for manipulation, and will constantly boast their pride and ego. - Joshtition24

2 They are compulsive liars

Whenever something negative happens, Sociopaths will lie if it's their fault and will twist any situation they can in their favors. - Joshtition24

They would lie simply for the hell of it to get away for it while feeling no shame and guilt. They would see it as a habit.

3 They fake niceness

Sociopaths pretend to be nice, but end up being mean and make it look fake. Their niceness will last until a problem occurs in which they are at fault and they will make you think that you are in the wrong instead of themselves. There charming and nice behavior may hide their sociopathic trait at first though.

Sociopaths often fake niceness to gain the victim's trust, and they will be mean if it means achieving their goals. - Joshtition24

4 They can’t easily handle relationships

Sociopaths cannot handle relationships, as they only do it if it benefits them in any way. They will even attack to get their way, which is something not okay. - Joshtition24

It’s hard for them to keep a good, positive and long lasting relationship. They would mostly care about themselves and blame others in affairs for something they did. They aren’t exactly the best partners for a relationship.

5 They have lack of empathy

Sociopaths will commit vile actions and not even feel bad about it. You see, sociopaths don't see others as real people, but as empty shells for manipulation. - Joshtition24

They have no feeling of understanding and comprehension of others feelings of what others are experiencing.

6 They have deceitfulness

Sociopaths will turn their backs on their victims if they can, as the victim will feel like it's their fault, when really, it's the sociopath's fault. - Joshtition24

To behave in a dishonest way to make others believe something that’s not true. They lie and cheat on people.

7 They are fake friends
8 They pull the victim card whenever they get hurt and blame others for something they did

They will accuse you of hurting them, even if they were the ones hurting you. They won’t admit that they are in the wrong and they will pull the victim card because they can’t acknowledge their own mistakes. They like to portray themselves as the victim to look innocent.

9 They will do anything to make themselves happy, not others

This is the truest one because they are doing all that just so they can make themselves happy in the first place.

Sociopaths have no remorse in what they do, as they constantly try to make themselves feel good and others feel bad. - Joshtition24

10 They have little to no conscience
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11 They are self-centered

If you live for yourself, you've only got yourself to blame. So I can't really blame anyone else and I have no regrets.

They are only concerned and care about themselves rather than caring about others. They don’t understand and don’t feel others emotions and tend to be egotistical and selfish.

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