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21 Fora Financial

The people at Fora are great. From customer service, Sales to underwriting. It's been a seamless experience for me and I could not recommend them enough.

Worked great for my pizza shop. It was a really easy way to get the money I needed to update some equipment.

Easy, quick, painless process!

22 Merchant Money

Easy to work with and they answered all my question in a timely manner.

23 Next Level Funding

They were able to help me out when other banks and companies said no. Thank you.

24 Business Cash Advance
25 Retail Capital

Retail Capital knows that they make the most money when the small business owners they fund are happy. They're very helpful to entrepreneurs like us! - jacklang

Retail Capital knows that they make the most money by truly helping small business owners.

26 Snap Advances
27 eMerchant Cash Advance UK

EMerchant Cash Advance are a provider of business cash advance. A Business cash advance allows you to raise finance for your business from you credit and debit card terminal.

28 Cashbloom

My experience with Advance Capital has been really good. Unlike other companies I called, this one helped me get ready financially for the holiday season. I was offered multiple options and was able to choose the one that fits my needs best. I highly recommend them.

I have been a customer of advantage capitol funds for almost 5 years and I just took my 11th loan. I called my renewal manager and received the additional funds the very next day. I Couldn't be any happier!

29 Yellowstone Capital

The best place ever

30 Smart Business Friend, Inc.

Down to earth and gets the job done without all the hassles or the obstacles. They have numerous programs that will fit your company's goal.

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31 LendC
32 My Factoring Network
33 Float Funding

Great company to work with. They're up and coming and work well in explaining a Merchant Cash Advance. They're quick and reliable.

34 American Stimulus Funding

Great group! I have done 5 deals with Michael and each time it's been great.

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35 Z&R Funding, LLC

Got funded fast with minimal paperwork thanks

36 Citi Wide Merchant Funding
37 GSP Capital

Excellent customer service here.

38 Biz4Loans
39 Ventury Capital

They are full service and offer far more than a cash advance, but if that's what you qualify for then this is the best route. They have Kevin Harrington, original shark tank backing the company so they're the real deal in the industry. They were formally Bentley Capital Ventures for years and ran a solid operation, today they are nationwide and reaching out to a wide array of business owners. They're ethical and efficient, they seem to only hire the best people, from my experience over 2 years.

I love seeing this company on here! We have worked with them for years when they were Bentley, now they brought on some big investors and they do B2R and more than just short term, daily loans. They're professional and as said below, ethical.

40 Happy Rock Merchant Solutions

They are the best very good fair people

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