Top 10 Merengue Tipico Artists of 2017


The Top Ten

1 Urbanda

Right now they are the best. Julio swing is 2nd only to prodigio. The loss of Chico Torres was actually good because he slowed them down. They have good original songs and they play traditional songs as good as anyone. - C15boi

2 Banda Real

If u started listening to tipico after you heard of Renova u might disagree with this choice. Yes they play slower then many groups but any true tipico fan knows how hard it is for the same musicians to stick together for so long. - C15boi

3 El Prodigio

The best accordion player right now. A very good lead singer for traditional songs but the loss of be be is not good. Chula the is also a solid player but honestly chichi is better at botaos. - C15boi


4 Renova

Yes they are the Warriors of tipico right now. However polos lack of skill on the accordion is a weak link. If it wasn't for him they would be number 1. - C15boi

5 Yovanny Polanco

When it comes to making hits yovanny does it. He's got great singers in blachy and Richard. Junior is arguably the best tamborero right now but the loss of caiman definitely hurt. Manolo is solid but he's not caiman. Also when it comes to the more traditional songs yovannys accordion is immediately a weak link - C15boi

6 Tipico Urbano

An amazing group with one of the most creative accordionist in geno. Hopefully figura stays for good this time because he's a beast. I do think Sebastian is a bit lacking but this isn't a percussion heavy group. - C15boi

7 Nexo

Very good group although the loss of Chris accordion is a tough one. Yes they picked up galan and you can argue he's better than Chris but he doesn't quite match nexos vibe. - C15boi

8 Rikar2nes

Very good group one of the best lead singers in olvis and hensy gets the job done. - C15boi

9 Maxbanda

Very consistent group although they lack flair and can be considered a bit boring at times. Compared to there NYC rivals they don't show a lot of creativity which puts them so low on the list. - C15boi

10 Randy Collado y Los Titanes

Definitely better as Los elegi2 but nonetheless still a great group and Randy Collado shows potential to be a considered into the top 3 of current accordionists. - C15boi

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