Best Merlin Characters

A rundown of the best characters from The T.V. programme Merlin. Feel free to post a comment.

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1 Merlin

All the Merlin characters are amazing. But Merlin is definitely the best among them all! Colin just made Merlin memorable...

All series. Awesome actor and really cute.

I think we all knew this was coming

2 Morgana

By far the best. Shows the way we humans truly change. She is really so cool and Katie MCgrath is awesome. I mean SHe has the most character

Liked her even more as she turned into the main villain.

She is powerful woman who knows how to kick ass


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3 King Arthur Pendragon

Although Meelin is clearly a close second, Arthur Pendragon is deserving of the title, best Merlin character, he is hands down the most attractive and charming. While the show couldn't go on without Merlin, it also couldn't go on without Arthur considering it revolves around Merlin saving Arthur's ass. Arthur's changes so much throughout the seasons without ever really maturing and let's be honest, I totally ship Gwen and Arthur. Arthur is also self confident without being to big of an ass. He stands up for the people he loves, and did I mention how completely oblivious he is.

All series. Good at showing emotions but often says "we'll ride at dawn"!

4 Kilgharrah (The Great Dragon)

Whats not to love about this character?

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5 Gaius

All series. Acts as a father figure to Merlin.

Gaius is my favorite character above Uther (don't ask why I like Uther I just do)

6 Sir Gwaine

Series 3-5. Definitely the cheekiest of the knights. Good fighter.

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7 Sir Lancelot V 2 Comments
8 Guinevere

All series. Very kind and sweet and lovely wife to Arthur.

9 King Uther Pendragon

Series 1-4. Although he is techinally good he unknowingly is the key of Camelot's downfall.

10 Mordred

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11 Nimeuh

Series 1. Very evil sorceress who, if Merlin hadn't killed her, could have worked with Morgana as they both hated Uther Pendragon.

12 Aithusa

Series 4-5. So adorable when hatching and when next to the Great Dragon but unfortunately turns evil.

Whoever says she turns evil... no she doesn't. She just tries to help Morgana, but she doesn't understand that Morgana is evil.

13 Goblin
14 Sir Leon
15 Alator
16 Morgause
17 Lady Catrina

2 part episode appearance. Most hilarious villain and excellent at playing a troll!

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1. Merlin
2. King Arthur Pendragon
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