Top Ten Most Messed Up Black Mirror Episodes

I recently finished watching Black Mirror, so I decided to make this list. With messed up, I mean scary, shocking, violent, disgusting, gross... Anyways, enjoy this list.

The Top Ten

1 The National Anthem The National Anthem

As masterfully crafted it was, the theme was still a bit too much, especially for a first episode. - Undistinguished

Being the first episode I watched, I was reluctant to watch the rest of Black Mirror after this weird and uncomfortable episode. - kaisietoo

2 Shut Up and Dance Shut Up and Dance
3 Black Museum
4 Playtest Playtest
5 White Bear
6 Crocodile
7 White Christmas (Special) White Christmas (Special)
8 Men Against Fire Men Against Fire
9 Hated In The Nation Hated In The Nation
10 Metalhead

The Contenders

11 Nosedive Nosedive
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