Top Ten Most Messed Up Eminem Songs

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1 Kim

Eminem has a lot messed up songs but this one takes the cake. It's basically Eminem fantasizing about murdering his wife.

Messed up... But still a masterpiece!

I just listened to this song. This was messed up. The whole time I was thinking what

Man this is pretty damn disturbing

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2 Insane

This song is just sick. Eminem went way overboard on this song. I mean it's fantasy of Eminem being molested by his dad as a kid.

Yeah Relapse was a messed up album, but I didn't know what to think of this fantasy. - WonkeyDude98

This may be messed up but admit it, this song is great!

The song is a fictional account about Eminem being raped by his stepfather and going crazy from the abuse. The descriptions of the rapes are very disturbing and graphic. "Highlights" include:

*A graphic description of Eminem's stepdad sodomizing him.
*Eminem hitting himself in the face with a baseball, knocking his own eye out, and playing ping pong with it.
*Eminem laying underneath a lawnmower while it is running.
*Eminem defining felching (in the grossest way he can).
*Eminem raping and kicking a puppy.
*Eminem telling his stepdad about watching a porno film with his babysitter before his stepdad tells him how he's going to rape him again.

I think songs like "Kim" and "Fack" are tame compared to this. I read somewhere that Eminem's goal of making this song is to gross his audience out as much as possible. I can't say he didn't succeed. It's hard to top child molestation,self mutilation as a reaction to a traumatic event, or animal abuse on the offensive ...more

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3 Fack

This song is just gross.

"Shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube" ugh

Title of the song is self-explanatory. - WonkeyDude98

Gross just gross.

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4 '97 Bonnie and Clyde

This songs basically about what happened after Kim.

Has to be the worst. He takes his infant child to dispose of the mothers body.

5 Stay Wide Awake

I don't even know what to say...

This song will be the soundtrack of my nightmares, especially that umbrella part...

This dong will be the soundtrack of my nightmares, especially that umbrella part...

Oh boy, is this song disturbing. In this song, Eminem raps in his Slim Shady persona about looking for a pregnant girl to rape in Central Park. He finds a girl called Brenda and rapes and mutilates her with an umbrella (in the most nauseating way he can) while talking about wanting to impregnate a lesbian and to disintegrate her babies in a formaldehyde and cyanide mixture. He stabs Brenda in the head while she screams for her life. And this is only the first verse!

Next, he raps about spying on a girl while she is naked, and when she goes to sleep, he sneaks into her bedroom and rapes her while the girl scream for help. Slim just laughs at the girl and compares himself to a serial killer. In the last verse, Slim Shady warns a female listener to "stay wide awake" or else Slim will kill her, and he discusses about how he'd kill a girl while she is in the shower.

From a technical standpoint, this features some of Eminem's greatest lyrics, but the song is certainly ...more

6 3 A.M.

Love it but its messed up big time

It's basically about Em killing people while on drugs.

It's not about "Em killing people while on drugs". He created a serial killer persona for this song, he is not rapping as himself.


7 Amityville

This is one messed up song.

Hearing em talk about slapping bitches over and over again ends up getting boring

8 My Darling

From this list, I liked this song the least. But why is Stan here? It's one of his best songs, it's a masterpiece.

This song isn't really that disturbing

Em has a conversation with the devil in this song.

Not with the devil, with Slim Shady, his alter ego that made him famous.

9 Same Song & Dance

The lyrics are so disturbing; they can only come from a scarred person. Slim kidnaps a girl named Tanya, who is not his first kidnapped. He mistakes her struggling for dancing, and her screams and sobbing for singing. He puts her to sleep and starts planning to make a coat out of her skin.

Who writes a song about kidnapping someone?

10 Buffalo Bill

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11 Music Box

One of my favorite songs no idea why love how he is lyrically and how messed up it is

I was just listening to this song and thinking it should go on this list.

Just messed up. If you don't think so then listen to it.

What a story. this one and Same song and dance, but I don't see it on this list.

12 Stan

Why would someone put stan up? The moral and story of the song is amazing, it's describing that you don't realize something until it's gone which is a huge life lesson, and the actual lyrics and the way he changes his voice to adapt to different characters shows how it's actually one of his best songs.. - adrianp_

It's actually about how some people can become dangerously obsessed with and idolize/worship celebrities. In Stan's case, he killed himself and his pregnant girlfriend because of his obsession. - steelersrock7

Who put Stan in this list? This song is lyrically one of his best. You people know nothing about real music.

I love this song too, and I know it's Eminem's best song. But I still think Stan's mind is messed up. I don't really know if the song is messed up.

Love it but it is messed up

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13 Kill You

This song is pretty violent.

Its not really that bad. He just says that if you f with shady, he will f'ing kill you

14 Puke

Definitely not top 5 but I think it deserves this list.

He PUKES in the song - Hotheart123

15 Criminal
16 Must Be the Ganja
17 Role Model

Should be in the top 10

18 Drips

Come on it's disgusting

19 Guilty Conscience

The messages in this song are god awful (not saying I don't love it because I do) I don't think it's his most messed up song but I deserves to be up here - DrNick

20 Ken Kaniff (Skit)

This has to be in the top ten this song is gross

21 Mockingbird

While this one isn't nearly as lyrically messed up as the others, the lyrics and how true it is send chills down my spine.

WHAT. NO. - Midevilnight

22 Bad Guy
23 Love You More

It's about his abusive relationship with Kim.

24 Dead Wrong


25 My Mom


26 Brain Damage
27 Just Lose It

Coming at M.J lmao

28 Same Song and Dance
29 My Name Is
30 I'm Back

"I take seven {kids} from {Columbine}
Stand 'em all in line, add an AK-47, a revolver, a 9
A MAC-11 and it oughta solve the problem of mine
And that's a whole school of bullies shot up all at one time"

I don't think I need to explain this choice anymore than that.

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