Best Metal Albums of March 2016


The Top Ten

1 Jomsviking - Amon Amarth

This album is an absolute masterpeice. One of their best to date. My third favorite album to come out so far this year. - Caleb9000

2 XI - Metal Church

Not getting enough attention, despite its brilliance. My fifth favorite album to come out this year, so far. - Caleb9000

3 Diamond Head - Diamond Head

Their best since the early 1980s. - Caleb9000

4 Penalty by Perception - Artillery

Great thrash metal album, their best in quite a while. - Caleb9000

5 Thieves of the Night - Human Fortress

Exceptional epic power metal that soars right through you like an armed horse. My fourth favorite album to come out this year, so far. - Caleb9000

6 Tales from Beyond - Mob Rules

Not their best, but nevertheless, enjoyable. - Caleb9000

7 Sunrise to Sundown - Spiritual Beggars
8 The Black - Asking Alexandria

I was expecting to hate this album, as I was never a fan of this band. However, they seem to focus a lot more on just being catchy, this time. It works pretty well, especially for a deathcore album, a genre that I hate. Surprise of the year, so far. - Caleb9000

9 Abuse to Suffer - Rotten Sound
10 Lord of Misrule - Blood Ceremony

Very chilling and satisfying doom metal. - Caleb9000

The Contenders

11 Incarnate - Killswitch Engage

Three words: hate by design!

12 Outside the Box - Hacktivist
13 Infinite Entanglement - Blaze Bayley

This shows that Blaze is better off as a solo artist than with Iron Maiden (although I like Iron Maiden more). - Caleb9000

14 Reanimation - Exile

This is an instrumental album. Exile is a new band that plays a rather exciting type of progy melodic death metal. I'm excited for their next one, as this was very solid. - Caleb9000

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1. Jomsviking - Amon Amarth
2. Thieves of the Night - Human Fortress
3. XI - Metal Church
1. XI - Metal Church
2. Jomsviking - Amon Amarth
3. Penalty by Perception - Artillery


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