Top 10 Metal Albums Released in January 2017

Best metal albums released in the first month of 2017

The Top Ten

1 Immortals - Firewind

A power metal albums delivering some of the best the genre has to offer.
Favorite Track-Live and Die by the sword - maverick88

2 Gods of Violence - Kreator

The new record by long reigning kings of savage teutonic thrash metal is relentless and delivers the whole way through.
Favorite track-Totalitarian Terror - maverick88

3 Healed by Metal - Grave Digger

A heavy metal record toeing the line of power metal, German veterans Grave Digger return to deliver the latest in their prolific discography. It's exactly what you would expect if you're at all familiar with Grave Digger and we love it.
Favorite track-Healed by Metal - maverick88

4 Nomad - Chasing Safety

Your typical modern metalcore I just can't help but love this record. Its full of emotion and edginess but I love both those things in music so here you go.
Favorite Track-Brand New Prison - maverick88

5 Xenocide - Aversions Crown

A brutal record by technical deathcore masters Aversions Crown that is full of crushing excellence as should be expected by this fantastic band by now.
Favorite track-Prismatic Abyss - maverick88

6 The Resilient - Betraying the Martyrs

A band that did the impossible in combing symphonic elements with deathcore of all genres. They offer solid track after solid track with the standout being the clean vocals present in most choruses.
Favorite track-Dying to live - maverick88

7 As Was - Black Anvil

While nothing is particularly "epic" about this album it's a solid "blackened thrash" extreme metal record that I'd find myself listening to when I just need to have some music playing around me
Favorite track-Nothing - maverick88

8 EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy - The Great Old Ones

A masterful atmospheric black metal that is full of long and brilliant songs that give you a sense of the power of the album.
Favorite track-In screams and Flames - maverick88

9 World of Silence - Borealis

A power metal album by a band I've never heard of, there's not much to say about this other than it does everything right and is a great album
Favorite track-The Dawning Light - maverick88

10 Black Serpent Rising - Balfor

A savage black metal album by a band I've never heard of that represents everything I love about the genre
Favorite track-Crimson Stronghold - maverick88

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