Best Metal Albums that Should Be on Spotify

I love metal, but there’s SO MANY albums missing from Spotify that should be on there, here’s a list of some that I loved that are missing from Spotify.

The Top Ten

1 Best of the Beast - Iron Maiden

The main reason I added this is because I want to hear Sign Of The Cross without looking at The X Factor album’s album cover. - CostcoHotDogs

2 Aftershock - Motorhead

I have to resort to YouTube to listen to this amazing album. - CostcoHotDogs

3 Killing the Dragon - Dio

This album is amazing, and the title track especially. I really want it on Spotify. - CostcoHotDogs

This album needs to be put on. The quality of almost every song is so high. - kempokid

4 Magica - Dio

This one is amazing as well. - CostcoHotDogs

5 Bad Magic - Motorhead

I really just want the song When The Sky Comes Looking For You. - CostcoHotDogs

6 Jugulator - Judas Priest

It’s so annoying not to have this album. - CostcoHotDogs

7 The Wörld Is Yours - Motörhead


8 Hero, Hero - Judas Priest

Great compilation album. - CostcoHotDogs

9 No Life Til Leather - Metallica

I want to hear those demos with Dave Mustaine. - CostcoHotDogs

10 Nightfall in Middle Earth - Blind Guardian

This album is unfortunately not on Spotify.. :( - Aragorn98

The Contenders

11 Night Of The Living Megadeth - Live In New York - Megadeth

Great live album. - CostcoHotDogs

12 V - Saint Vitus
13 Lateralus - Tool

Not a single Tool album on the site or any streaming site sadly. - cjWriter1997

14 Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold

The one album that I genuinely enjoy by them, and it's the one that they don't have. - kempokid

15 In the Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson

I know this is more prog rock rather heavy metal but

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1. Best of the Beast - Iron Maiden
2. Aftershock - Motorhead
3. Killing the Dragon - Dio



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