Metal Albums With the Weirdest / Creepiest Cover Art

We've all seen one, I'm almost sure of it. It could have been just weird, creepy looking, disgusting, etc.

The Top Ten

1 Humanure - Cattle Decapitation

When I first saw this I thought it was a rip off of Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother.

I won't be eating a burger anytime soon...

This is just GROSS!

2 To Serve Man - Cattle Decapitation

Yeh that's just beautiful ( sarcastic voice )

I wish that I could kill somebody for this! ;(

Looks very retarded

3 Miss Machine - The Dillinger Escape Plan

NaH not really. - AlphaQ

4 Satanica - Behemoth

Satan sucks end of story

Satan sucks! that's all I can say. - AlphaQ

5 Tomb of the Mutilated - Cannibal Corpse

It's a female corpse nailed to a cross while a male corpse is eating her crotch.

I thought I was gonna throw up after looking at that.

Oh, for God's sake, I HATE THIS!

This album cover is so disgusting!

6 The Sickness - Disturbed

It just goes to show you that nothing lasts forever.

Is this guy ok?

It’s like a sharks underside?

7 Worm Infested - Cannibal Corpse

I love Cannibal Corpse, but I do NOT love the front cover of this album!

Just... just.. Whyyy?...
Why would you make something like this?!

8 Korn - Korn

If you think the album cover is creepy then listen to the final track on the album, Daddy!

Hey, is that the slender man?

9 The Cleansing - Suicide Silence
10 Dawn of the Black Hearts - Mayhem

How is this not number 1?! It's the front cover of a dead guy for crying out loud! That to me is way more scarier than anything on this list!

Not number 1?!
This is the only creepy cover art since this is the real corpse of the singer of this black metal band.
We must be real, if humanure and tomb of the mutilated are your favourite metal albums, it doesn't mean they have the creepiest cover - Anonymous1234

If more people knew the story behind this then I guarantee it would be #1. That's a real photo of vocalist Dead after his suicide. You can thank Euronymous for the photo. - ViitalShadow

That's what happens if you worship satan you go crazy. and that's a real corose

The Contenders

11 The Diseased and the Poisoned - Carnifex
12 Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

Creepy title track too

13 Locust Abortion Technician - Butthole Surfers

A bizarre title, a bizarre cover, therefore a bizarre album. - PositronWildhawk

This is half a metal album so that counts.

Most weirdest cover I mean what

What's gonna happen to that dog? - Skullkid755

14 Tormented - Staind
15 Reign In Blood - Slayer
16 Spiritual Healing - Death

A guy slapping a disabled dude really harshly with people cheering in the background.

17 Smells Like Children - Marilyn Manson

The cover is really supposed to look like an album that looks like it's made for children, but it's not.

I saw this before.

Someone please get Dawn of the Black Hearts to number one.

How is this above that Mayhem cover with the dead body?

18 Reek of Putrefaction - Carcass
19 Seasons In the Abyss - Slayer
20 Eaten Back to Life - Cannibal Corpse

Even the name is creepy rly?

21 Gallery of Suicide - Cannibal Corpse
22 Diarrhea of a Madman - Dave Brockie Experience
23 Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces - Seether

Seether counts because they're alternative metal.

24 Kill - Cannibal Corpse

The words on the cover are pretty scary. The way they're all bloody and battered gives this album an uneasy felling.

Just letting you know that this is the least creepiest Cannibal Corpse album. Anyone agree? - AlphaQ

What got this album of scary?
Is the only cannibal corpse's album with a bad album cover

25 Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

Seriously? This is on here just because they smoke? Because smoking's a sin I guess.

You can do better than that! Sure smoking's bad but watching someone smoke does NOT look scary.

How is this cover even scary?

This scary?!?

26 Mondo Medicale - Impaled
27 Leprosy - Death
28 Chimera - Mayhem
29 Resurrection - Chimaira
30 Deicide - Deicide
31 South of Heaven - Slayer

Such a powerful album cover.

32 Butchered at Birth - Cannibal Corpse

There guys should seriously seek some mental help. What person walks around with these kinds of ed up ideas in his head?

Doesn't get any scarier than this!

It's an album cover that makes you want to wash your hands after touching it. Really.

33 Centuries of Torment: The First 20 Years - Cannibal Corpse
34 Christ Illusion - Slayer

Got creeped out. It shows an I'm

35 Vile - Cannibal Corpse
36 Acts of the Unspeakable - Autopsy
37 The Mind of a Third World - Kubetal
38 Metal Health - Quiet Riot
39 Gore Obsessed - Cannibal Corpse
40 The Bleeding - Cannibal Corpse
41 The Wretched Spawn - Cannibal Corpse
42 Hellbilly Deluxe - Rob Zombie
43 Hell Awaits - Slayer
44 Show No Mercy - Slayer
45 Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

Some girl is in bed, and some skeleton in a cape is right BEHIND her!

46 Defenders of the Hate - A*** C***

It's creepy because it has Nazi symbolism.

47 Virgin Killer - The Scorpions
48 Holy Diver - Dio

That looks like DarkenedBrutality's icon. Speaking of him why does everyone hate DarkenedBrutality? He's like the Justin Bieber of this site. - AlphaQ

49 Speak of the Devil - Ozzy Osbourne
50 Symbolic - Death
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