Metal Albums With the Weirdest / Creepiest Cover Art


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41 The Wretched Spawn - Cannibal Corpse

EVERY SINGLE Cannibal Corpse album cover execept Kill should be in the top 10 - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

42 Hellbilly Deluxe - Rob Zombie
43 Hell Awaits - Slayer
44 Show No Mercy - Slayer
45 Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

Some girl is in bed, and some skeleton in a cape is right BEHIND her!

46 Defenders of the Hate - A*** C***

It's creepy because it has Nazi symbolism.

47 Virgin Killer - The Scorpions
48 Holy Diver - Dio

That looks like DarkenedBrutality's icon. Speaking of him why does everyone hate DarkenedBrutality? He's like the Justin Bieber of this site. - AlphaQ

49 Speak of the Devil - Ozzy Osbourne
50 Symbolic - Death
51 Lordi - Babez for Breakfast

This band has won the first Eurovision Song Contest I ever saw (I think it was 2006). Such an innocent and peaceful competition, even though they wore these masks I wouldn't have thought they were one of the metal bands with adult content... since the only time I heard of them was at the ESC. This kind of disturbs me but only for that one reason because I have seen them as more innocent. - Martin_Canine

I got it mixed up around. Lordi is the name of the band.

52 Grand Declaration of War - Mayhem
53 Everyone Should Be Killed-a*** C***
54 The Handsome Beasts - Bestiality
55 Worship Music - Anthrax
56 Spreading the Disease - Anthrax
57 Acrotomophile Mutilator - Infection
58 Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood - Acheron

Normally I don't get scared by a lot of Black Metal albums, but this one REALLY scared me! I highly recommend you don't look it up.

59 Once Upon the Cross - Deicide
60 Severed Eyes of Possession - Wurdulak
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