Best Metal Allegiance Songs

A heavy metal supergroup made from Mike Portnoy, Dave Ellefson and Alex Skolnick.

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1 Dying Song Dying Song

With Phil Anselmo. A brilliant ballad song with signature Skolnick solo and Phil Anselmo's amazing vocals. Also a fantastic drum solo by Portnoy. - gemcloben

2 We Rock We Rock

Dio cover, with several guest vocalists and guitarists. Powerful metal song with amazing vocals and a classic Skolnick solo, with brilliant Portnoy drumming. - gemcloben

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3 Gift of Pain Gift of Pain

For some unknown reason I like Gift of Pain better than the Dying Song - Metal_Treasure

With Randy Blythe. Best screaming of any song on the album. With a cool, short, Ellefson bass solo. - gemcloben

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4 Can't Kill the Devil Can't Kill the Devil

Brilliant slayer/testament style riffs with Chuck Billy on vocals. - gemcloben

5 Scars Scars V 1 Comment
6 Let Darkness Fall Let Darkness Fall
7 Destination: Nowhere Destination: Nowhere

Matt Heafy vocals with brilliant Portnoy drumming. - gemcloben

8 Pledge of Allegiance Pledge of Allegiance

Brilliant song all together. - gemcloben

I'll check them out - EvilAngel

9 Triangulum Triangulum
10 Wait Until Tomorrow Wait Until Tomorrow
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