Top 10 Metal Ballads of the 2010s


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1 Distant Memories - Blind Guardian

This incredible song was a bonus track to their great album. When even your bonus tracks are an epitome of perfection, you know you are great. This song is also a perfect example of how to write mellow metal songs that don't sound poppy and cheesy, and this is a rare composing talent among the metal musicians. This song can't be called cheesy "tear-jerker". And last but not least, God bless Hansi and his voice - at 50 he still sounded unbelievable! - Metal_Treasure

"Incredible. Unbelievable! " Ironically apt terms in reaction to anyone who wouldn't find this mess "cheesy" and "poppy." Meaningless, lazy-minded prose whose defense evokes all those wannabe music-interpretation academics who've been claiming for decades that Jim Morrison's chemically induced, rambling tripe was lyrical genius; that the masses of lesser beings were incapable of "comprehending" the "bard's" drivel. "Epitome of perfection? " Laughable.

2 Uudestisyntynyt - Teräsbetoni
3 A Greater Darkness - Moonspell
4 Under Grey Skies - Kamelot
5 Our Loved Ones - Volbeat
6 Bulletproof - Queensryche
7 White Omega - Moonspell
8 Like Everybody Else - Helloween
9 Lost Without a Trace - Stratovarius
10 Miracle Machine - Blind Guardian

The Contenders

11 Pearl In a World of Dirt - Beyond the Black
12 Unbroken - Beyond the Black
13 Numb - Beyond the Black
14 Drowning in Darkness - Beyond the Black
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