Best Metal Band Face Offs

Please do NOT include non-metal bands like:
ACDC, Led Zep, Guns N Roses, Slash, Nirvana, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Lady Gaga, etc.


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1 Metallica vs Megadeth

Metallica, because they have a better vocalist and they made not a pop album. Megadeth is good, but I don't like most of their stuff. - BlueSphere

Oh my god my foavorite band vs my third favorite band! Ugh!
Megadeth has a good singer, Metallica is better at vocals
Bass is easily Metallica
Technicality is nearly even, but Megadeth does it more often.
Both incredible songwriters. - MattAffterburner

Metallica.At least their singer is actually good. - DarkBoi-X


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2 Iron Maiden vs Judas Priest

Impossible to choose.2 Greatest Metal Bands ever, - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

Iron Maiden, but Judas Priest is good too. - Userguy44

I have to say Iron Maiden but Iron Maiden is my fourth favorite band while Judas Priest is my fifth favorite band (they’re pretty close). - PhoenixAura81

Iv'e got to go witih maiden. I am still a massive pries fan though.

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3 Helloween vs Blind Guardian

Need to listen to blind guardian more to answer this. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

Blind Guardian.
Helloween had some really bad albums whilst Blind Guardian didn't. Some Blind Guardian albums are not that amazing but can't be called bad.

Besides, Helloween hasn't released anything mindblowing since the Keeper II (80s), whereas Blind Guardian have been improving over time and had great albums in the 90s and 00s. Their 2015 album is awesome, too. - Metal_Treasure

4 Slayer vs Kreator



5 Ozzy Osbourne vs Dio

Definitely Dio. - PhoenixAura81

Dio easily. - MattAffterburner

Dio of course! - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

Dio. - Userguy44

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6 Children Of Bodom vs Amon Amarth

I can't choose. Love them both. - Metal_Treasure

7 Death vs Opeth

Opeth! I'm sorry Death.

Opeth. - Userguy44

8 Helloween vs Gamma Ray
9 Pantera vs Lamb of God

Pantera, no doubt

10 Anthrax vs Overkill

Overkill (But I Like Anthrax Too) - christangrant

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11 Blind Guardian vs Iced Earth

Update: I would say Blind Guardian because of their epic and perfect 2015 album. - Metal_Treasure

These bands are known for their epic stuff so it will be an epic duel. I love them both and really can't say who is better and who is gonna win. These 2 bands are also friends and it makes the choice even more difficult (every time Iced Earth play Germany, Hansi of Blind Guardian joins them onstage and sings their songs).
Finally - a tie fits best, in my opinion. - Metal_Treasure

12 Exodus vs Sepultura
13 Possessed vs Death

Battle To See Who Made The First Death Metal Album - christangrant

14 Annihilator vs Testament

I wanna see two of the finest lead guitar players in thrash - Alex Skolnick of Testament and Jeff Waters of Annihilator. - Metal_Treasure

15 Morbid Angel vs Death
16 Slayer vs Testament
17 Slayer vs Sepultura
18 Mayhem vs Burzum


19 Nile vs Brain Drill


No doubt, this is gonna be the most brutal duel (technical death metal). - Metal_Treasure

20 Tool vs Dream Theater

Tool don't count for metal - Metal_Treasure

Tool is amazing. But nothing is close to Dream Theater. - zxm

Tool is too amazing to lose to anything that ain't considered the best

21 Dark Angel vs Death Angel

These two 'angelic' thrash bands (Bay area) are so underrated and obscure that I guess most of the metalheads couldn't comment on this duel. But I added these bands - they are cool and some other people might be interested in this duel, too. - Metal_Treasure

22 Death vs Cannibal Corpse
23 Deep Purple vs Black Sabbath

Sabbath easily. I love Deep Purple, but Sabbath is one of the best bands. - MattAffterburner

Easily, Deep Purple. - Metal_Treasure


Deep Purple. - Userguy44

24 Exodus vs Kreator
25 Deep Purple vs Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep has metal songs,but is not as metal as Deep Purple.But UH has made more good albums then DP,so Uriah Heep but not by far.Love them both - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

26 Vader vs Behemoth

Two great bands from Poland and I can't choose - Metal_Treasure

27 Emperor vs Immortal
28 Slayer vs Megadeth
29 Rush vs Dream Theater

Rush aren't metal, although they are a bit better. Not by much though. - IronSabbathPriest

30 Testament vs Overkill
31 Primal Fear vs Edguy
32 Slayer vs Exodus
33 Korn vs Limp Bizkit

Not metal bands - Metal_Treasure

Korn. Limp Bizkit sucks! - Userguy44


34 Rammstein vs Ministry

This shouldn't get much attention - Rammstein isn't metal, Ministry are barely metal - Metal_Treasure

Rammstain is overrated

35 Children of Bodom vs Kalmah
36 A Perfect Circle vs Crowbar
37 Avenged Sevenfold vs Slipknot
38 Death vs Obituary
39 Lamb of God vs Machine Head
40 Havok vs Evile
41 Trivium vs Killswitch Engage
42 Tool vs System of a Down

None of them is metal though, LOL - Metal_Treasure

Both are L.A based Metal bands.

43 Deep Purple vs Metallica

That’s a tough choice. - Userguy44

44 Ne Obliviscaris vs Opeth
45 Slayer vs Metallica

Metallica, DUH! Slayer has some amazing guitar playing though. - PhoenixAura81

46 Mayhem vs Immortal
47 Mayhem vs Emperor
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1. Metallica vs Megadeth
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1. Iron Maiden vs Judas Priest
2. Ozzy Osbourne vs Dio
3. Metallica vs Megadeth
1. Metallica vs Megadeth
2. Iron Maiden vs Judas Priest
3. Anthrax vs Overkill

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