Top 10 Metal Bands that Deserve a Grammy but Have Never Got One


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1 Dio Dio Dio was an American heavy metal band formed in 1982 and led by vocalist Ronnie James Dio, after he left Black Sabbath with intentions to form a new band with fellow former Black Sabbath member, drummer Vinny Appice.

The god of metal Ronnie James Dio deserved a grammy but sadly he will never get one... - christangrant

This is the saddest fact in the Metal Grammys History. Dio has never been nominated...
But Ozzy got 3 Grammys because his vocal performances are probably 3x better than Dio's (sarcasm). I hate Metal Grammys with a passion. You can understand more about why I hate them from my list Top 10 Proofs Metal Grammy Awards Are Untrustworthy and Misleading - Metal_Treasure

2 Blind Guardian Blind Guardian Blind Guardian is a German power metal band formed in the mid-1980s in West Germany. They are often credited as one of the seminal and most influential bands in the power metal and speed metal subgenres. Heavily influenced by Queen, they use the technique of overdubbing. They also incorporate large more.

Of course they deserve a Metal Grammy, at least one. But they were never nominated... - Metal_Treasure

They deserve many grammys for many songs they have made over the years which I can name so many songs that deserve grammys from them - christangrant

3 Death Death Death was an American death metal band formed in 1983 by Chuck Schuldiner. Death is considered to be one of the most influential bands in heavy metal and a pioneering force in death metal. Its debut album, Scream Bloody Gore, has been widely regarded as the first death metal record, while the band's more.

They certainly deserve a Grammy, at least one. But similarly to Dio, Blind Guardian, Annihilator, Opeth, Iced Earth, they were never nominated... - Metal_Treasure

Of course they deserve one giant one just for Voice of the Soul and Crystal Mountain - christangrant

I hate Grammys... - Ananya

4 Pantera Pantera Pantera was an American Heavy Metal band formed in 1981 by guitarist Dimebag Darrell and drummer Vinnie Paul. The band started out as a Glam Metal act in the 1980s with little success. After discarding their original lead vocalist and enlisting Phil Anselmo, the band signed a major record deal with more.

I can't beileve they never won one at all - christangrant

They were at least nominated several times but sadly they lost out to very irrelevant bands: in 1995 Pantera lost out to Soundgarden's Spoonman (what? this isn't metal! ), in 1997 to RATM, in 1998 to Tool, in 2001 to Deftones.
The problem is that these bands aren't metal bands but Pantera lost out to them in the category Best Metal Performance! - Metal_Treasure

5 Iced Earth Iced Earth Iced Earth is an American heavy metal band from Tampa, Florida. It was formed in 1985 under the name Purgatory by guitarist and main songwriter Jon Schaffer and original drummer Greg Seymour.

Dantes Inferno deserves a grammy and so does Anthem - christangrant

6 Annihilator Annihilator Annihilator is a Canadian thrash metal band founded in 1984 by vocalist, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, engineer, producer, mixer and mastering engineer Jeff Waters and former vocalist John Bates.

Why have they not gotten one yet? - christangrant

@cg - "Why have they not gotten one yet? "
Because Grammy Awards for Best Metal Performance is an atrocity - metal community and metal musicians must stop it asap. - Metal_Treasure

7 Opeth Opeth Opeth is a Swedish progressive death metal band from Stockholm, formed in 1990 by David Isberg, who invited Mikael Akerfeldt into the band as a bassist. Isberg ended up leaving the band, which lead to Mikael becoming the band's vocalist, guitarist, principal songwriter, and driving force. Along with more.

It's a joke that they haven't gotten one yet - christangrant

They haven't got one!
OPETH..Can you believe that? - Ananya

8 Kreator Kreator Kreator is a German thrash metal band from Essen. Their style of music is similar to that of their compatriots Destruction, Sodom and Tankard; along with those three bands, Kreator has been referred to as one of the "big four" of Teutonic thrash metal, and they are often credited with helping pioneer more.

Their newest album should at least be nominated for a grammy - christangrant

9 Savatage Savatage Savatage is an American heavy metal band founded by the brothers Jon and Criss Oliva in 1978 at Astro Skate in Tarpon Springs, Florida.
10 Overkill Overkill Overkill is an American thrash metal band, formed in 1980 in New Jersey. They have gone through many line-up changes, with singer Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth and bassist D.D.

They need one so give one to them - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Morbid Angel Morbid Angel Morbid Angel is an American death metal band based in Tampa, Florida. UK music magazine Terrorizer ranked Morbid Angel's 1989 debut Altars of Madness first in its list "Top 40 greatest death metal albums".

Really these guys deserve a grammy - christangrant

Wait they haven't? - ProPanda

Such a legendary band...deprived from the Grammys - Ananya

12 Anthrax Anthrax Anthrax is an American thrash metal band from New York City, formed in 1981 by guitarist Scott Ian and bassist Dan Lilker.
13 Sodom Sodom Sodom is a German thrash metal band from Gelsenkirchen, formed in 1981. They have gone through many line-up changes, leaving bassist vocalist Tom Angelripper as the only constant member.
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