Top Ten Metal Bands In India

Here's a list of all the famous metal bands and bands which are becoming famous, most of them have played in gigs with bands like lamb of god, Bangalore metal open air, Metallica etc..

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61 DwheTstone (Chennai)

Alive 14! Great band... - paasadani

62 Rongbin (Diphu)

Yeah! They are awesome... Just love the guitarist (teron marlep) LOVE YOU GUYS GOD BLESS!

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63 War Machine
64 Grungy Morphins (Darjeeling)
65 Mantra (Darjeeling)

One of the best

66 Millennium (Bangalore)

Fathers of Indian metal

Bangalore's best!

67 Intoxicate (Kolkata)

"metal core mayhem from kolkata"

68 1833 AD (New Dehli)

The best black metal bands of India

69 Purvaja (Hyderabad)

They are just awesome. One of the greatest Black/Vedic Metal band in India. Their way of representing the vedic words with fast riffs and drums is just an awesome and unique style. Hats Off. M/,

70 Rocazaurus (Kochi)

Role model for pure rock

71 Arihant (Guwahati)
72 Final Surrender (Bangalore)

Get a quick listen and you will want them on the Top 3!

Final surrender is the new sound of Indian metal. If they are at 85, then for sure this website is not updated to today's time!
These guys are amazing! Their music is recognized internationally, buying them a record label from Indianapolis -Rottweiller Records- The record label that produced AUGUST BURNS RED! And many more... Seriously! This website is misleading... Final surrender deserves to be on the top and Bayanak whatever at 85. please listen to their tracks before you make judgements and rank them this lousy!

A really, really kickass band that take metal to a whole new direction.

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73 The Chronic Legion (Delhi)

Awesome metal band from delhi

Nice riffs and solo's

Waiting for the 1st album to b released great band

Waiting for upcommng album you guys are great...

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74 Atmosfear (Mumbai)

They rocked, just saw them yesterday!

75 Annihilate The Reich (Kolkata)
76 440 MHz (Jamshedpur)

This band is really awesome... The best I've ever heard.. They can play all genres... N most important thing is whenever they perform, they play new songs... You guys rock

77 Noiseware (Pune)

What! What is this band doing here on 90...
At least try this band to get in top 15
Their music style is awesome.. give them a try

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78 Days of Nightmare (Rajkot)
79 Tyrrhenian (Guwahati)
80 Hearts of Medusa (Mizoram)

A Death Metal band from Mizoram, North-east India. Lots of potential in them, good skill, technical riffs, deep growling vocals and much more Techniques in them.
Their song Consumption of Human. Rocks. /

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