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81 Souls of the Fallen (Sangli)

Band of boys from Bharti vidyapeeth medical collage sangli full of passion

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82 Ashes Bury Sorrow (Solan)
83 Night Wings III (Jaipur)

I like the aggression and the groove in there music, They should travel more.

I came across these guys randomly... Never knew rajasthan had a metal band... Nice work.

They deserve better ranking. One of the best metal bands in India.

They are the Lamb Of God of India. They have Randy Blyth as Anish (Vocals), Mark Morton as Jatin (Lead Guitar), John Campbell as Aniket (Bass Guitars) and Chris Adler as Mayank (Drums).

If you have not heard them you are missing something divine.

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84 Dark Helm (Pune)

What a killer band! They deserve to be higher up in this list because!
Their music is killer man!

Epic stuff! These people simply killed it Pune in their last gig... how many times have you asked a band for encore? 2 times? 3 times?
We asked them 5 times... and much to our amusement they actually performed four times ;) :P
Listen to the origins II and you'll agree with me when I tell you they belong in the top ten!

85 The Infernal Diatribe (Kolkata)
86 Dark Void
87 Melodrama (Nagaland)

One of the best metal band in India today.

88 Purgatory (Kolkata)

A great metalcore band from Kolkata. Their music is mainly influenced AURTHOHIN (the pioneers of metal in Bangladesh).

89 My Dying Angel (Chandigarh)

They are a Melodic Metalcore band from Chandigarh, India. Their music is an extreme mix of Metalcore, Hardcore Punk, Thrash metal and Groove metal with some melodic riff. They're formed in the year 2008. Their current lineup consist Amandeep Singh on Vocals, Ashu Kumar on rhythm guitars, Pankaj Sharma on backing vocals/lead guitars, Neelesh Kumar on bass and Kanwar Sudhanshu on drums. Since its formation, band has release 3 studio album and 1 demo album.

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90 Nigambodh (New Delhi)
91 Violent Edge (Guwahati)

Extremely good band...specially the song-Bloody thursday

92 Theorized (Bangalore)

Theorized is a metal band from Bangalore. The top three songs of theirs are Genetic Variants, Venomous Tormentia and Raise The Dead

93 Atari Minor (Mizoram)
94 Throne Of D'Devil (Guwahati)

A progressive metalcore high school band..

95 Wounded Tranquility
96 Blind Image (Chennai)
97 Warlock (Meghalaya)
98 Third Sovereign (Delhi)

They are one of the best Death Metal bands out there in India!

Lllrd sovereign at no. 92... Unfair... They r one of the best in India...

99 Deadbolt (Kolkata)

Best trash metal band in India.. Formed on the influence of slayer and pre Metallica... Their kick ass attitude, raw live performance and reality based lyrics will bring out the metal inside you.. Singles like city of rot and skull messed bought up Indian trash death metal scene to an entire different level... They should rank way up in the list

100 Turnkey (Kolkata)
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