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1 Mantic Ritual Mantic Ritual Mantic Ritual was a thrash metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The band released their debut album through Nuclear Blast Records.

An awesome new wave thrash band from my hometown, Pittsburgh! - ryanrimmel

2 August Burns Red August Burns Red August Burns Red is an American metalcore band from Manheim, Pennsylvania. Formed in 2003, the group began their first performances while a majority of the members were attending their senior year of high school, and soon began playing shows around Lancaster, before being signed to CI Records. Afterwards, more. V 1 Comment
3 Icarus Witch Icarus Witch Icarus Witch is a heavy metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, formed in 2003 by bassist Jason Myers.

A very obscure band from Pittsburgh. They play traditional heavy metal and are credited with starting the New Wave of Traditional Metal. They gained a small following after touring with Paul Di'Anno, Trouble, and opening for Queensr├┐che this year. - ryanrimmel

4 Rosetta Rosetta

An interesting Post Metal act from Philadelphia. - ryanrimmel

5 Halestorm Halestorm Halestorm is an American rock band from Red Lion, Pennsylvania, consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale, her brother drummer and percussionist Arejay Hale, guitarist Joe Hottinger, and bassist Josh Smith .

A female fronted Alternative Metal band from just outside York, Pa. They gained mainstream success, but their sound varies from alt Metal, alt rock, hard rock, and post grunge. Halestorm is not strictly Metal. - ryanrimmel

6 Goreaphobia

A long running Death Metal band from Philadelphia. They've been around since 1988, but were always obscure. - ryanrimmel

7 Nunslaughter Nunslaughter

The most evil death metal band ever in my opinion. - ryanrimmel

8 Century V 1 Comment
9 Tartarus Tartarus

My friend's Blackened Death Metal. Has a similar sound to early Blasphemy - ryanrimmel

10 Funerus V 1 Comment

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11 Alice Is Falling

There a new Metalcore band and there Rilly good good talent too

12 Serpent Throne

A Stoner/Doom Metal band from Philadelphia - ryanrimmel

13 Aletheian

An 18 year old Progressive/Melodic Death Metal band from Lebanon - ryanrimmel

14 Vulture
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