How I got in to Heavy Metal

Hey everyone, this is DarkenedBrutality here writing another blog post. This time, I will be writing about how I got into heavy metal.

It all started somewhere back in 2007, when my older brother got a Wii for Christmas. One of the games he got was Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, a game where you hit colored notes on a guitar controller, in order to beat certain rock songs such as Slow Ride and Schools Out, but then got harder as the game went on. I played the game, but was not very good at it at first, but then got pretty good at it. There was this one song called Through the Fire and Flames, which everyone thinks is the hardest song in all of Guitar Hero, just because of the intro. I got to the point where I could beat it on Expert, but nowadays, I am nowhere as good as I was, and can no longer beat that song.

One year later, I got my own Wii. My brother got Guitar Hero: World Tour, the first game he really got into. I got Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, which I wasn't very happy about, but Mom got it because it was the easiest game at the time. Now, Guitar Hero 5 has beaten that. I didn't get good enough to where I could beat the songs until about 2010. I instantly started enjoying songs such as Dream Police and All The Young Dudes, which are both really great songs. However, it wasn't until late 2010 or 2011, until I actually noticed the bands in the game.

At the time, my Mom didn't allow heavy metal in the house, because she thought it was the devil's music. I believed that for a while, so when I first heard of Metallica, I hated the band because of that. I also hated bands such as AC/DC and Kiss the most, but would've also hated Iron Maiden if I heard of them. When I was listening to a heavy metal station, my older brother, who was 13 at the time, asked me what I was listening to, and I said Metallica. He said it was bad music. Nowadays, he likes Metallica, and his favorite song is probably either Master of Puppets or Enter Sandman.

In late 2011, I got into more classic rock bands such as Bon Jovi, Boston, Foreigner, and Journey. That was all I listened to, but then one song I listened to changed everything, causing me to realize what I was missing out on. I listened to One by Metallica, and it was probably one of the greatest songs I've ever heard of at the time, and probably the Stairway to Heaven of heavy metal music. As time grew buy, I got into the music more, but mainly listened to Electronic music because I used to be a huge fan of Minecraft from 2012-2015, but now I hate the game.

In late 2013 was when I got into Kansas a lot. Until then, the only song I knew by them was Carry on Wayward Son. However, my uncle who likes Kansas, showed me this youtube channel called Beatiloogie3, which I recommend you check out. He covered lots of Kansas songs such as Lightning's Hand, Lamplight Symphony, Miracles out of Nowhere, A Glimpse of Home, and Sparks of the Tempest. He also covered a song by Styx, and recently, about 6 months ago, covered a song by Yes, called Changes, now my second favorite song by Yes, only Roundabout being better.

In 2014, however, after being into Christian music, I then discover all the good rock bands, and the best songs there really was. This was when I first listened to songs such as Imagine, Comfortably Numb, Like a Rolling Stone, and Hey Jude. My favorite bands at the time were Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Metallica, but grew into Metallica quickly. This soon led me into other heavy metal bands, such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath. However, Metallica, Judas Priest, and Led Zeppelin were all I listened to at the time. However, that soon changed. I grew deeper into thrash metal music, and started listening to great bands such as Overkill, Exodus, Testament, Kreator, and Annihilator.

I then joined the site in 2015, when I discovered more and more bands, thanks to users recommending some bands to me. I then learned about progressive rock bands such as Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Genesis, and King Crimson, and other bands include Blind Guardian, Death, Cannibal Corpse, and Slayer. Thanks to users such as ZXM, IronSabbathPriest, and Metal_Treasure, as well as many other users. I even learned about more songs about the bands I was listening to.

Also, my favorite bands currently include Iron Maiden, Kansas, Led Zeppelin, Death, Pink Floyd, Overkill, Dream Evil, The Beatles, Tool, Rush, Rainbow, Jethro Tull, Dream Theater, Queen, Judas Priest, Venom, Genesis, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Blind Guardian, Exodus, Dio, Boston, Carcass, Slayer, Electric Wizard, Kreator, Blue Oyster Cult, The Doors, and Metallica.

And that is pretty much all I have to say about how I discovered and got into heavy metal. I hope you enjoyed this blog post.


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