Avenged Sevenfold

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Avenged Sevenfold is an American alternative rock band, that was formed 1999 in California. Their longest lineup of members was M. Shadows (Vocals), Synyster Gates (Lead Guitar), Zacky Vengeance (Rhythm Guitar), Johnny Christ (Bass Guitar), and The Rev (Drums). ...read more.


Every single person in this band has unbelievable talent. They may not be considered "classic, " but Jimmy can lay down the same rapid beats as any famous drummer in history. Synyster rips on the guitar. Zacky's rhythm weaves in perfect harmonies with Syn's. Johnny's bass is the foundation of their songs. Matt has a beautiful singing voice, and yet, he can still scream in a way that sends shivers down the spines of all. They're dedicated musicians who suffered the death of their best friend for life, and still managed to finish touring and put out another album. Their music is unique, they experiment with all different sounds, and they rock my face off. Besides that, once you fall in love with the band's music, you fall in love with the members too. Every fan has an intimate relationship with them, because they're impossible not to like/respect.

I absolutely love this band. There is so much I could say on why they're my favourite band, but I just love everything about them. Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance are just a brilliant guitar duo, M Shadows has such an amazing powerful voice, as well as soft when he wants it to be, but barely screams, which is really not good after hearing screaming too much. Johnny Christ, probably the least amount I could say about him, he's a great bassist and is an absolute legend, and The Rev, rest his soul, was an amazing drummer, and his vocals just adding to M Shadows' vocals, were fantastic. Sounds so wicked and also powerful. I hate how people think that a band has to be a certain amount years old, just as someone else said, they shouldn't be classed as anything to do with these bands like Asking Alexandria and such, it's not fair and it's arrogant how people will just not even hear you out. They are bigger than ever now so I'm sure they'll get through.

Extremely musically inclined band. They poses a guitarist who has such a unique form and theory to guitar playing and who constantly studies guitar styles. Before he passed away, they had one of the most talented drummers who ever lived. Both of these musicians were playing since a very young age. All the members have been friends since kids except Arin Llejay who is their drummers replacement. Reflecting styles of playing from Frank Zappa to Guns & Roses to Pantera and Metallica, to Gypsy Jazz, and Johnny Cash this band holds first with their fantastic recordings and electric performances. They are all very intelligent and kind people who are constantly trying to improve themselves and honor their fallen friend Jimmy Sullivan. Their lyrics reflect from political views, video games, cannibalism, sex, meaningful songs about war, dreams, death, the fall of babylon, demoting suicide and self hate, and relationships. This band has got the show, the talent, the sound, and the crew to be ...more

I saw the chance to say what I wanted about these guys, and I'm going to take it... There is no explaining Avenged Sevenfold. You just can't. Every single song speak to me and millions of others in a way that no real fan can explain. Their lyrics and just everything they're about speaks to me and influences me SO MUCH. The first time I saw these guys in concert, I cried.
Now tell me there isn't something special about these guys.
They adore their fans and give them a chance to be on stage almost every concert.
They speak to me in such a powerful way, that I can't even explain any further.
We all know Metallica and the other bands have been around for too long and had their chances. They're amazing bands. I just think Avenged Sevenfold should be glamorized as much as Metallica is because they deserve it. So much.

Even though I really liked Avenged Sevenfold with words that can't be expressed and because they are the people which makes me love metal bands but WOW, Avenged Sevenfold on 3rd position? I know that there are more metal bands which has more fans then Avenged Sevenfold, but who knows Avenged Sevenfold really work hard, they almost stop their band after knowing that their best friend and drummer, The Rev had passed away, instead of quitting, they realized that they have to move on and work harder for their fans and their beloved best friend, The Rev. not only that, they also inspired many people and so, I guess they do deserved this high position.

This is a band that needs to be more recognized. It is the metal band our children's children will look back as a classic "oldies" band. They are the Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath of the future.

Unlike Metallica and Iron Maiden in many ways, their songs have real, veritable meaning. Most with actual reference to the real world. For example, Critical Acclaim references corruption in the U.S. government. So Far Away relates to the death of Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, their drummer who died in 2009. Nightmare is a biblical description of Hell and Afterlife relates to Heaven.

They are just simply amazing! - Top10s

This is the band that introduced me to heavy metal while I would consider them Hard rock there are metal songs they have done M Shadow vocals are the best I have ever seen in history, sadly one of the best drummers in my opinion The Rev has passed away but Brook Wackerman is also a good drummer no one can beat Synyster Gates on guitar, one of the only left handed guitarist I've ever seen Zacky Vengeance is up there beside Syn and my god they found the right bass player, Johnny Christ. Most of them sing in a lot of their songs besides M Shadow. The Rev had a unique voice with Zacky and Syns background voice it just made it perfect. Johnny didn't sing as much but he has still sung the songs he contributes vocals to the most are Critical Acclaim and Almost Easy. In my opinion they are still at a good spot. People may think they deserve lower or higher but you have to remember they are Hard Rock and Metal not just Metal. That is my opinion and you have yours we respect each other's and ...more

While I do not fully understand the Major differences between hard rock and heavy metal, I have been on the lookout for amazing bands long enough to understand that many just don't make the cut. Many are just mediocre. A7X was the first band to get me Into rock so in that sense I am biased, but on the their hand they were the ONLY band to change my opinion. I always thought of hard rock and especially metal bands as extremely negative people and the listeners as lost causes. Until I understood the raw drive and power that lays beneath.
A7x has clean sound, lyrics not just about real life but metaphoric fantasy worlds as well. The musicians are amazing and this band explores a decent variety of different instruments, the violin and cello being my favorite.

I like to see issues tackled. In a mature manner. While some of the lyrics border evil, most compromise of shedding light on darker thoughts and experiences that the world wishes to change. MIA, is such a solid song, and ...more

Avenged Sevenfold is by far the best modern day metal band. Every A7X song has such a great meaning and story behind it. These guys aren't afraid to be different, which is why I love them more than any other band. Matt's voice is unique, Brian's and Zacky's melodic riffs are beyond amazing, Johnny is a beast on the bass, and Jimmy was such an inspirational drummer. Zacky, Brian, Jimmy, Matt, and Johnny all are such sweet, lovable, funny, amazingly talented guys that will always and foREVer touch the hearts of all A7X fans.

A7X are influential to all new metal bands... They created many inspirations... With their awesome instrumentals mixing up with strong and clean vocals... They managed to take away millions of hearts of people around the world! Synyster gates has already earned so much recognition and he's just 28... All of them are very young ones... They deserve to reach Metallica, iron maiden, megadeth's potential.. The rev's death has been shocking.. But I can barely wait for their new comeback! Go A7X! I hope they'll create more masterpieces like afterlife, nightmare, bat country..!

A band that has changed a lot over the 10 years but are still getting better. Besides them losing their best overall musician, they picked themselves up and released an album which in my opinion the best album of 2010. With incredible riffs and very pop-like melodies and choruses, its easy to sing along and enjoy them. I can see why people don't like them and they have their own opinions, but I do feel their albums are a bit over produced with layers upon layers of guitars added to get the best sound of the song, but I am Avenged Sevenfold's biggest fan, but I am shocked at how they are 3rd. I'm not their 'hugest' fan but Pantera should be ahead. A7X foREVer

Avenged Sevenfold is one of the best new metal rock bands, I like Metallica and Iron Maiden too, but the reason which made me fall in love with Avenged Sevenfold is that they keep risking their career in experimenting with their music and proved itself as a bad-ass in Metalcore, Piano Ballads, Heavy Metal, Rock and Roll, Classical Rock, Progressive Metal and in riff-oriented and country music approaches.

Speaking of Members individually, M. Shadows voice is like a magic, It sounds suitable in every different moods and genres. You may listen songs like Unholy Confessions and Bat Country to know his aggressive parts. There are some other songs such as Dear God and So Far Away where his is voice as soothing as anything. Synster Gates is one another talented guy. He has this flair of putting up the best in his guitar riffs, strums and his rocking solos. This ability of Syn, the band's left guitar man- Zacky Vengeance also gets envious about. Zack is also one of them who has never ...more

The reason why Avenged Sevenfold is great, is because they evolve their style and experiment. Get this, people love it. In the beginning, they have a metalcore sound, before they became a heavy metal/hard rock band. Nowadays, they have been going to the roots of metal by trying out the sounds that are above this band on the list. Even then, they still scream (God Hates Us) and still try those new styles. Before people say that they aren't even metal, they have distorted guitars, double bass, chugging riffs, what's not metal about that? Avenged Sevenfold doesn't deserve to be number one, but it definitely does deserve to stay where it's at right now, in the top ten.

1-A7X. 2-Iron Maiden. Most of the other bands on this list are not pure metal. They are either thrash or death metal, which for me is only noise, not music. Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden and Metallica are the only bands here that don't swear or speak evil thoughts every 10 seconds. Unfortunately Metallica are bland, rely too much on riffs, and hold very little excitement except the headbang complex, which I find boring. I suppose melodic metal is more my style, but honestly, A7X is the best metal band fullstop. A beautiful and vast mix of instruments a clean, not so heavy sound (mostly) a singer who doesn't just scream and groan politically active lyrics songs of fantasy and times of old no full reliance on dirty riffs.
A good metal band should not be a mad expression of anger, but rather spark some frustration at the wrongs in the world that we want to do something about. I don't want to get out and break things, I want to leave the world a better place than I was born to. People ...more

I think Avenged Sevenfold is the perfect band for metal/ metal core fans. A lot of people might disagree, but if your ears aren't accustom to nails on a chalk board or listening to Justin Bieber, why not give them a try? The members of the band include Matt Shadows (singer/ screamer. Very capable), Zacky Vengance (ambidextrous rhythm/ blues guitarist), Sinister Gates ( hardcore/ cryptic lead guitarist), (deceased) Jimmy THE REV Sullivan ( was my role model as a drummer, original drummer/ amazing vocalist, RIP REV), and last but equally as important, (my inspiration and role model as a bassist), Johnny Christ (bass player, and not the original, actually the fourth). I hope to see Avenged Sevenfold on top soon!

Avenged Sevenfold has a very great member. Zacky V, he can play the guitar fastly. Syn Gates, he can make a wonderful guitar solo. They can make a awesome guitar harmonization. And then A7X have M. Shadow too, his voce are so powerful. Johnny Christ ia also a great member, without him A7X are never perfect, his bass playing was cool exactly in "Blinded in chains" song and "the wicked end" song. And the last is The Rev, OMG! He was the greatest drummer that I've been found ever. foREVer. - Caesalpini99

My vote stays with Megadeth on the best but A7X is for sure the head of the March for the new metal bands. Let's put it this way. They have one of the best singers in metal, one of the best guitarists in the world, they had one of the best drummers in metal (haven't seen enough of the new guy yet to say anything) and they are smart guys. Their music is amazing, lyrics are great, and they have fun, anybody to hate on A7X is a fool because nobody gives a care that you hate them, they got labeled and people are just narrow minded. But A7X is definitely on the path of Best Metal Band of the 2000s

Avenged Sevenfold isn't number one, but they are an incredible band and that is a fact. I absolutely hate people who say that Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Slipknot and such suck, that's just utter bull. And then they turn right around and say "I have diverse musical taste" yeah, because you hate half of the metal genre? Avenged Sevenfold can stay right at 8, I like them more than most actually but they are fine where they are. These guys are god-like. People who hate newer metal have no clue what they are taking about, because these newer bands have become classics of their own.

I hate people who say only say judas priest, Metallica, megadeth, and iron maiden are the kings of metal and they're the only metal bands that are good. I mean come on seriously, you people are just obnoxious douchebags who have no respect for music and are stuck in the 80's and 90's. Yeah they're good but they're most defiantly not the best. Just because they were the first metal bands and have made more than 7 studio albums doesn't mean that they're are the best metal bands. Have more respect and variety for other bands than your own such as Avenged Sevenfold. Hope you all learned something metal posers. Rock on!

Avenged Sevenfold has changed my life. No less... I found them in a time of loneliness and I discovered a world of amazing sound, epic lyrics and a wonderful, unique constellation of men in the band. They go all the way for the fans, the Deathbats are true family. Their songs go from hardcore metal to the softest ballads that makes me cry. There is a song for every mood and every situation, and the lyrics never stops to amaze me... Avenged Sevenfold is perhaps not the MOST metal in the world - but they are definitely the BEST..

I hate to agree with my roommate who always says this, but just because a band is influential, that doesn't make them the greatest Metal band. Bands Like Metallica and Megadeth are great bands, but neither of them belong above Avenged Sevenfold. I didn't really care for Avenged Sevenfold's early stuff, but the band has evolved into an amazing band that will always be my all time favorite band. Unlike bands such as Metallica, who eventually went way downhill (because of changing their style), A7X has changed their style on several occasions and been able to create amazing music over and over again. Avenged Sevenfold deserves a spot in the top 3 at the very least, but should be #1.

Absolutely the best band I've ever heard in my life! ESPECIALLY before The Rev died, man, some of the best drumming I've ever heard. Shame he had to pass.. Their live performances are flawless! I recently went to the Mayhem Fest in Pittsburgh PA and they were mind blowing.. Unfortunately, we got rained out, but at least it was at the very end of their performance, regardless of that though, the singer, most commonly known as M. Shadows is just amazing, he does the perfect screaming and shouting, yet at the same time he can go soft when he needs to as well. The guitar solos are perfect! The guitar solo in So Far Away especially is so.. fitting! Rest In Peace, Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan.

People vote for a7x because they are awesome. They're young? So what, they are better than many bands from the 80's. Second heartbeat is the best metal song ever made, best, I repeat, BEST. And for people claiming newer bands shouldn't be here, older bands shouldn't be here. Not many people want 80's crap these days. And Metallica shouldn't be 1st. Those guys are overrated. I AM NOT SAYING METALLICA IS A BAD BAND. Its just overrated, please understand the difference. And a7x deserves way more recognition.

I like every band up here, but Avenged Sevenfold is the only one I LOVE. With members like M Shadows who have such vocal range from screaming songs like "God Hates Us" and "Second Heartbeat" all the way to mellow songs like "So Far Away" and "Gunslinger" And everything in between. These guys didn't invent Metal by any means, but I know damn well they perfected it.R.I. P foREVer.

These guys don't even compare to anyone else on the list. They're just too awesome, and always have been. They kick ass at everything they try, and sound so good live as well, which is something not a lot of bands can do. Their latest album? Pretty ' good. Metallica's latest? Finds them losing all their fans and any respect they ever had. Know when to quit guys. A7X deserves to be at the top of this list!