Bullet For My Valentine

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Bullet for My Valentine are a Welsh metalcore/emo band from Bridgend, formed in 1998. The band is composed of Matthew Tuck (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Michael Paget (lead guitar, backing vocals), Michael Thomas (drums) and Jamie Mathias (bass guitar). Former members include Nick Crandle and Jason ...read more.


The list is rigged...
Guys just listen to their songs...
The best of the best... How could it not be in the top 3?

Are you kidding me, should be top 7 for sure. Some these bands are hardly metal and are more of an indication of popularity. This band is the essence of gut wrenching tragic metal. Their guitars drench standard metal melodies with tears and the vocals are sheer agony. On top of that they know how to rock a song until your banging your head into the steering wheel.

They're not the best band ever. That's fanboy talk. They're not even Metalcore either. They're an excellent modern metal band that is just a number of excellent modern metal bands drawing from a vast base of genres. Metallica are Bullet For My Valentine main influence, but they're good enough to stamp their own identity on their excellent albums and live shows. At spot 16, plus selling millions of records when everyone else is borderline broke, is a credit to how well liked they are.

Bullet For my valentine makes the best songs ever. I played NFSMW and I was loosing and suddenly Hand of blood started playing and it gave me more spirit! They're songs are meaningful and I really love every member of the band especially the vocalist! My favourite song of theirs is tears don't fall and then come last fight! BFMV FOR LIFE!

I vote this band as I am a fan of this band. there songs makes me fell great like there is nothing to worry and nothing to be afraid of even the death. this band must be on the top 5 metal bands in the worlds. I like the vocal, the drummer, guitarist, and there lyrics. the songs called tears don't fall is the first I like the most and songs called the end

While I love a lot of the bands above Bullet. Bullet is number one for me. Their songs are so relatable and touching. They have some great lyrics and the screams are on point. The musical aspect of this band is great. Also, they do so much for their fans. A lot more than I have seen with other bands. Bullet fans are so loyal and great. Bullet is and always will be my number one!

It's actually time for older fans to accept bands like Bullet For My Valentine, All That Remains, Between the Buried and Me and the like or not. Modern metal is here, and many new bands can draw on Metallica, Death, Led Zeppelin, or even Pink Floyd - often in one album or song. I'm a traditionalist, but metal has probably passed many by.

This band is just a part of the fad we have today, though not all bands are part of this fad. This band shouldn't even be on this list, its practically an emo band and it's just disgracing metal by calling themselves a metal band.

Bullet For My Valentine has created masterpieces such as Your betrayal, Scream, Aim, Fire!, and many, many, MANY more songs! Half of Metallica's songs are not very good and are below average, but you won't find a bad Bullet For My Valentine Song ever!

The high-quality Bullet For My Valentine are at spot 18 on the all-time metal bands list - whose top ten includes many of the mightiest metal bands in history. Yes, they own Dream Theater and Avenged Sevenfold, but for a young band on the rise it is a substantial accomplishment. The proof is their live shows. Crazy.

Are you kidding me?! How are these guys not in the top 5, at least?!?! Just because they're newer, doesn't mean that they're bad! And I think people judge them too much by their name! They're not emo wannabe's. Matt's voice is godly. The guitar is outstanding, and the lyrics are so meaningful! Give these guys more credit!

Guys this is insane... Bullet For My Valentine deserves top 5th place.. I just love all their songs

Best band, best solos, best riffs, best vocals and screams, best songs, best influence. Bullet For My Valentine at least deserve number 3. I highly recommend you guys this band. They have a lot of different and awesome songs.

Bullet For My Valentine is good but not as Metallica or Iron Maiden... They don't deserve top 5... But they should obviously in top 10... In fact I started hearing metal after I heard Tears Don't Fall... & now I have heard all their songs & they are just amazing...

Hey, they're a great modern metal band that oozes class and confidence, but don't think for a moment they've created the legacy that the true giants of the metal scene have. They're still building theirs, and history will decide...

In all seriousness, they genre-hop between metalcore, thrash, and heavy metal. They cite Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura, plus many others as an influence. They also write about human experience better than most, and not disbowelment. And live, the circle pits are immense. Love them or loathe them, they're a metal band - and a very successful one at that.

One of my if not my FAVORITE metal band ever. Too many people called them emo when they came out but they have definitely come into their own and have put themselves up there with the best.

Bullet For my valentine is the best band in the face of the earth. It has awesome rhythms. I love Michael Paget, Matthew Tuck, Jason James and Michael Thomas. I love everything about them!

Just listen to Waking the Demon... I don't get how A7x can be that high on the list and Bullet For My Valentine so Low! They deserve much better... Bullet For My Valentine forever!

HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP TEN!?!? , slipknot does not deserve to even be in top 15 and who the hell is dream theater? NOBODY that's who Bullet For My Valentine is one of our modern metal bands and they are kick ass the top ten should have Bullet For My Valentine at least in the top 5

Bullet For My Valentine is not better than Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer I agree. But they very very good band. Their songs are perfect. Screams and solos incredible. Bullet forever!

Quite disappointing to see Bullet For My Valentine down here... Since this is the best ever I have heard in maetal. Matt Tuck, I am one of your greatest fans... No vocalist can match up to him with his both clean and scream vocals. And he is definitely the best... And Paget, your leads will scare away other metal guitarists... I love you Bullet For My Valentine!

Really shocked that Bullet is this far down. I have listened to them for years now, and nothing has gone stale. Vote for Bullet For My Valentine!


One of the best metal bands to emerge in recent years, without a doubt. If Bullet For My Valentine weren't very good then they wouldn't have shared the stage with Metallica, would they?

Padge is an amazing guitarist, and everything about the band screams quality. They deserve to be in the top ten but #11 is okay with me.