Dream Theater

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Dream Theater is an American progressive metal band from Boston, Massachusetts. The band was formed in 1985 under the name of "Majesty", only to change its name to Dream Theater later. ...read more.


Well I understand why dream theater is not number one in this list, its because they are not mainstream and that is really better for me.Cause some of the bands here really are and I bet most of the people who voted them have only heard like 10 of their songs and only say they are amazing because everybody says so.But nobody knows who dream theater is and that is a shame, not for them but for you cause you're never going to hear the amazing beautiful sound that the gods of modern music make.They are outstanding I mean every instrumentalist in the band is the best at their instrument (in the world) and the chemistry between them is amazing.Every album is a work of art and every song is a beautiful crafted piece of music.I think you have to be really mature to understand them and they are the fact that metal isn't all about screaming and headbanging but it's a brutal yet equally beautiful piece of art so I don't want to argue anymore cause we metal heads are one although I wish dream ...more

Dream theater is second best in metal songs to me, but this poll doesn't seem to be fair. People who like different types of metal tend towards different bands. Dream theater songs are great in tune and actually have a lot of meaning in them compared to other bands which have songs talking about ways to die and other meaningless songs. Many DT songs send chills through me literally, like the start of outcry, hell's kitchen, nearing the end of goodnight kiss, if you know what I mean... While metallica to me... Can't be simply described. Their songs don't send chills through me and I don't really appreciate their lyrics as I do with DT, but their songs somehow have a great quality that keeps me listening to them. The first time I listened to enter sandman I repeatedly listened to it over and over again just because the whole song was so great. Their songs give me the classic, orthodox metal feeling that I like. This poll goes according to peoples taste for music, should have one for ...more

These guys are the reason that modern music is still good...i mean come on, they are making progressive music, but that doesn't make them a underrated band...Bullet For My Valentine and Disturbed is greater than DT?
This must be a joke...listen to "finally free" or their any other song...if you are a true musician, you'll be able to understand the complex structure of DT's music..its like pouring honey into your ears...i can't stop listening to DT...and the band members are highly skilled instrumentally...DT is a fountain to great music seekers, we have to seperate the musicians from bs makers.and DT is the greatest music making band in this world along with some other bands...hail DT's music!
Enough said..

Dream theater is the only band of true musicians. Their songs, musics was so great even 4rm the best band Metallica

Dream Theater shows the world what REAL music is all about. I may be still in school, but I understand and recognize the passion and meaning of their music. Truly, they are the only TRUE musicians around today. Their songs are so moving... They transport you to another world. This sublime connection between musician and listener is what all other bands have tried in vain to achieve... But only Dream Theater has succeeded.

I never felt this much comfort while listening to other metal musicians... This band gives me the feeling that there's always hope... But I should win it on my own... I mean come on, their lyricists are poets... They bleed their adventures to their songs... Look at "the count of tuscany", petrucci wrote that song because of he felt he's gonna be murdered that day by some count in Italy, while they were touring Europe.. And yet that song is a masterpiece... You should try this band... Don't rush it, give it time, take you time and feel the musicality.. You'll start to think about the true meaning of life..

They're only low on the lists because they're not very well known - they've only had one radio hit. So they're not that publicized.. Just like how Petrucci is ranked as the 22nd greatest guitarist when he should be between Jimmy Page and Synyster Gates. Just listen to him play! I know they're not greater/more influential than Metallica, Iron maiden, Black Sabbath, etc. , but seriously?! Slipknot is ranked higher?!

Well, in my opinion, Dream Theater are the best. Their music is the most amazing ever: guitar solos, bass, drums, and keyboard. However, all the members had won prices, such as the first guitarist in the world, first bassist, first drummer, first keyboardist. And still their keyboardist Jordan Rudess the number one wich he maid his own progressive keyboard. Plus, their 2011 "A Dramatic Turn Of Events"'s single "On The Backs Of Angels" (which every single person should listen) nominated them to the Grammy Award. To finish, I've never heard in my life some amazing solos and riffs as much as I heard in DT's songs. And their lyrical theme is the best and most epic.

Dream Theater, yes it's a band to its top. They set a limit and brake it themselves. If music is concerned, then I know none is better in this business then them. Then again, it's foolish to compare who is the best dad over there, hey, they are dad of prog metal, they are the God,... Who cares if they are at 14 or 1, they will always be what they are, the are Dream Theater!

Common guys-this band should be up there in top 5... The only band that plays progressive rock/metal to that limit... "the dance of eternity", "a nightmare to remember", "octavarium", " count of tuscany " and the list goes on... Injustice for a band of that stature... The metal riffs, the drumming- on top of that playing odd time signatures ( 5-4 or 7-4)... Come on refresh this list

Dream Theater is so talented they could seriously write any album that hasn't already been written, of which case they would simply do a flawless cover of it. The technicality of their music is just ridiculous. They're not the heaviest band ever, but damn, listen to an album such as Train of Thought or Awake and you'll enjoy it too much to care.

I'm 17 and new to metal music, but dream theater has produced the best music I'm yet to listen to and possible ever will listen too. Ever song of every album is good (in my opinion) and majority being amazing, they're not a band that releases a few smash hits and the rest filler they're REAL ARTISTS. I will continue to listen to Dream Theater and be perpetually enlightened in the world of metal and music!

I think this band was the only band that knows about musicality and everything behind it. they knows everything that be the meaning of a song. they can combinate it with their talents. I think this band was the only band that create a song by using their heart, their brain and their hands. absolutely, they're best talents ever! DREAM THEATER!

Whoa...DT this much low...can't be... I mean, they're making music since 1985...the reason they are this below is DT plays real, progressive metal, while some new metalcore bands screams to death...look at DT's lyrics..so inspirational...DT's music, melodies, members and everything are perfect...just listen to DT once, you'll never listen to music again...

Dream Theater focuses on crafting real melodic music and you have five band members that take that seriously. For them it isn't about just bashing out the same boring songs and repeating the same chord progressions. Grab a guitar and plug into the amp and crank it up and then hit a series of chords and you have Slayer, nothing mind blowing about that. - frankmartin

I completely agree with the top two in the list. I voted dream theater because the band should at least deserve a top ten spot, so underrated yet one of the best and the big question,.. X Japan WHO? They may be great haven't got to listen them really, but come guys X Japan over megadeth over sabbath my lord..

Best metal band in terms of musicality. They should be rated much higher than this. Octavarium on its own powns most of the bands here. Fatal Tragedy, pull me under, Space - Dye Vest and so forth... all should be listened to at least once in one's life. Such treasure should be treated with much care.

You've got to be kidding me! This has got to be the funniest thing I've seen all day! Dream Theater beaten out by the likes of Slayer and A7X!? What! That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! People obviously have no idea what they're talking about anymore!

Most talented musicians on earth - Giiggle

I don't agree with these rankings.
Dream theater should have at least reached top 5 if they where ranking it according to quality, not popularity

its a website for every1s opinion so it doesn't mean that every1 are musicians.
in my opinion dream theater is the best ever. and people from japan are so nationalist, so even if they think some other band is the best they will still vote for the x uuuuuu-japan uuuu.

The fact that they are here is absolutely astonishingly terrible. Just listen to them play! For this reason they should win the vote of most underrated metal band

Dream Theatre aren't musicians? Who told you that? They're musical geniuses. That doesn't automatically mean they're great songwriters, but plenty live for their showmanship alone. I think only Dragonforce can outplay them, instrumentally speaking.

They mean the people who don't like Dream Theater aren't musicians - Songsta41

I'm new to this genre. After listening to Charles Mingus and Soil & Pimp Sessions (that's jazz) I figured there is a lot more to explore. DT offers the variety that I was looking for. It's challenging music, they play a lot of technical sounds, but they keep on the positive side of the emotional spectrum and that's exactly what I want to get out of music.

Just being loud doesn't mean you are baddass. This is a dream team of sorts which have come together and they kick ass. They are musicians beyond excellence and not butchers laugh out loud. They are a class act all in all. Though I wish they found the best vocalist on this planet as well but I believe that would be a bit too orgasmic indeed.. Haha