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Megadeth is an American thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California. Megadeth was formed in 1983 by guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson, shortly after Mustaine was fired from Metallica. They have released 15 studio albums to date, and have gone through many lineup changes, with Dave more.


MEGADETH all the way, piss on metallica, megadeth has more consecutive Great albums than metallica. Better song writing, better sound/ guitar. I have to listen to megadeth every morning I wake. I love dave mustains style, and sound, the way he sings, there is no other like megadeth. Who else could write songs like, ashes in your mouth, vortex, holy wars... Etc. Every album has 8 out of 10 of my favorite songs, never, ever enjoyed any band like megadeth. Go and pickup a cd, any megadeth album, and listen. My boyfriend turned me on to megadeth, he likes megadeth a lot, Metallica the most. I've asked him about some of megadeths lyrics, he did not know the lyrics. What... Metallica. Is a simple lyrical band. MEGADETH IS SO MUCH MORE. Just a comment to some of you metalheads out there. " lyrics can open-up your mind to so much in life, it is the heart of the song. Listen up, there is a message in everything. Figure it out. Thinkers move up in life. Only some, not all of you. No ...more

I agree with many of the opinions on some of the top bands on here. Metallica has been through it all, but they have a lot more to dislike than some of these other bands. Top three? Sure. Iron Maiden is another arguable top notch contender. Bruce Dickinson is a mighty, mighty metal God. Other greats include Black Sabbath (we're talking the birth of metal here), Slayer, Judas Priest, Dio, Pantera, Anthrax (to a somewhat least extent). I have problems with some of the others mentioned. Slipknot was great, maybe even top 25, but come on, they fell off after their first few albums. Led is an amazing band but I can't throw them in the metal category. Same with so many others that flirt with metal (Tool, Dream Theater, System of a Down, Motorhead as a few examples). I'm trying to think of straight balls to the f'in wall metal. No experimental or progressive in my post. If we included them we'd have to include so many others. I'm not saying Megadeth is better OVERALL than Led, but when it ...more

Megadeth is ten raise to power six times better than Metallica(most overrated band ever jus because of the metal in their name... I was also in darkness till I gave megadeth a listen..
now these are the bands that have EARNED to be at the top! (on influential basis)
1. Black Sabbath
2. Iron Maiden
3. Judas Priest
4. Megadeth
5. Metallica
6. Dream Theater
7. Slayer
8. Ozzy
9. Opeth
10. Pantera
11. Lamb Of God
12. Avenged Sevenfold
13. System Of A Down
14. Bullet For My Valentine
15. Disturbed
16. Children Of Bodom
17. X Japan
18. Testament
19. Accept
20. Disturbed(Any three bands Of your choice to end the list)

Of course, Megadeth is the best of metal, no other band can compete with Dave Mustaine's Spider riff, Marty Friedman's unique Asian music style solos, and Nick Menza's killer drum beats and drum fills. Metallica is also great but not as technical as Megadeth, Lars is too overrated, he play the drums like 4 year old kid, after all the beats he came up with, the song One is probably the only good one he made. Metallica had the best metal bass player Cliff Burton, unfortunately he was killed in a bus accident, if he is still alive, Metallica might get a chance to beat Megadeth. Kirk Harmet can play fast, but that's all he can do with guitars, no melody, no rhythm, but he did came up with few good riffs, and every guitar solo Kirk made sounds exactly the same! James Hetfield is probably my favourite member of Metallica, because I reckon he is the best metal singer.

Megadeth on 6, now I'm angry again, before all this poser bands except Ironmaiden(respect) megadeth never deservs to be before metallica, megadeth songs kicks ass better than metallica, used to be a great metallica fan but later start listening to megadeth and my attitude for music changed megadeth has given their soul for metal, they are far more better than the upper bands, yeah and Judas priest also should be on top, this table is sick..

Megadeth is the best metal band and also best band in world. Dave's vocals and solos are amazing whatever you say, if you listen that ''set the world afire'' you understand me. Megadeth's guitarist's are perfect. Chris Poland is best jazz fusion guitarist of the world now, you know Broderick and Marty. Bass is David Ellefson and no more words about it. Megadeth is best metal band of the world. Listen them, like them and RATTLE YOUR HEAD which Mustaine say.

Well from a technical stand point I'd be wasting my breath taking time out of my day to explain how great the numerous guitarist are that have performed with Dave, so instead I'll talk about what I personally think is the most crucial part of any metal song, the riff. I've never heard any band that has continually been able to make such astonishingly awesome riffs I mean seriously the end riff in wake up dead is better then any riff I've ever heard. This should be a obvious decision with iron maiden a close 2

Dave Mustaine was the only guitarist in Metallica in the early days, Kerry was in Megadeth for a while. So like it or not Dave had something to do with 3 of the Big 4. He is thrash and all these other bands owe him some gratitude. Metallica fanboys piss off! Just because they are the best selling metal band of all time, they did it at the price of selling out their fans. Slayer has stayed the same anthrax for the most part is the same and the same for megadeth. It just proves it's not what you know it who you know.

Metallica is good but very overrated. All of this is of course, my opinion but I've listened to every single album from Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. Metallica has less songs than Megadeth but still, Megadeth has more good songs than Metallica and, technically, Megadeth is faster and Metallica kind of died after Cliff died, Kirk lost his guitar skills and got arthritis or something and Hetfield lost his voice as seen in many live performances of past songs like Metal Militia!

Blah, blah, blah. Mustaine this, Mustaine that. Go to a Top Ten Solo Act thread and cry your salty fanboy tears over whatever multi-millionaire act you want. Go create a thread of your own, like all those Iron Maiden sooks. I like Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden, but Metallica's legacy is what makes them the greatest band to have ever graced metal. Every thrash band wants to be like them, but have failed, which can't be said of any other band on this thread. Jealousy breeds contempt. The race was over 33-years ago. Deal with it.

I hate these popularity contests. (Numbers rule all. ) I'm surprised some crap like five finger death punch isn't on here as number one because of the mainstream fans. Looking purely at skill Megadeth is clearly better than the rest. Now, I am no fanboy when I say that. To be entirely honest with you, the only reason Metallica is on my Ipod is because of Kirk Hammett. Regardless, Megadeth is a much diverse band will multiple genre's of metal variations and that is why they're my favorite metal band.

METALLICA?! The only album that really kicked ass was Kill 'EM All, which had four songs from Mustaine. You take any album from Megadeth when they had Marty Friedman and you'll see what's the meaning of METAL. HOLY WARS, TORNADO OF SOULS, HANGAR 18-- kick ass rhythm and beautiful soloing. Without Megadeth there would be no Lamb of God (which I also believe should be higher on this list), and many other metal bands today. Metallica m/
What is avenged sevenfold doing here.

Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets still deserve glory. But that's it. Metallica compared to Megadeth is like comparing Ferrari to a scooter - ischan

Honestly why isn't Megadeth #1? Dave Mustaine has such a unique voice and every band member they've ever had has so much talent. Their music has so much feeling! They touch so many different subjects and styles. They aren't just the best metal band they are one of the best bands ever. Dave is one of my biggest music inspirations. He succeeded in making a better band than Metallica even though it looks like most people disagree. Bull. Megadeth is the best and no one will ever compare to them.

Megadeth's recent material is a pretty solid return to form, but to insinuate that Metallica are overrated is absurd. Megadeth's best was their first 5 albums, as was Slayer's, as was Anthrax's, as was Priest's, as was Maiden's. But the difference is that 4 of Metallica's greatest albums are in the top 10 of the greatest heavy metal albums in history, according to any reputable publication, but Rolling Stone particularly. That's how great they were. There's Metallica, then there's the rest.

Obviously much better than Metallica. Compared to Megadeth, Metallica is slow, not lyrically correct, and frankly just plain old sell outs. Lars Ulrich sucks at playing the drums, Kirk Hammet has his foot super-glued to the Wah petal, and all James cares about is money. I could go all day just talking about how horrible Metallica is compared to Megadeth, sadly I don't have enough room. The bottom line is no-body can even compare to Megadeth.

Yes, it's a fact that Megadeth is highly influenced by Black Sabbath and iron maiden, but has emerged to be the best metal act in the history even succeeding over Metallica. Their speed, song-writing, solos and specially Dave Mustaine, the name is enough for every metal head, leaves everyone far behind. Let's get these thrash kings on the top of this list!

They've had the greatest guitar virtuosos in metal, an exotic, neoclassical-rock style player, a free jazz player, a flamenco style guitarist and an aggressive baroque sounding guitarist. In addition, Megadeth has created greatest masterpieces that steer cleer of Metallica's stupid verse-chorus-verse-chorus-wah solo-outro, this band has diversity and master musicianship you can hear on Good Mourning Black Friday, Looking Down The Cross, Sudden Death, Washington Is Next, Holy Wars and Hangar 18 and the rest of their magnificent discography. Metal gets no better than this, and Iron Maiden, Judas Priest are among these masters. Throw Metallica disks in the bin, they've made no good album in 24 years.

Obviously way better than Metallica. Metallica is WAY overrated. Lars sucks at playing the drums, Kirk has his foot super-glued to the wah petal. All James cares about is money (plus he doesn't know how to write songs). Once you listen to Megadeth you cannot go back to Metallica. Metallica is slow and completely bogus compared to Megadeth. That's just my opinion you guys can believe whatever you want.

Megadeth is the pioneer of thrash metal and Dave found thrash I think because Hit The Lights sucks that its first metallica song. The songs which dave wrote was amazing. Like Call of Ktulu.. Megadeth must be in top 3 and what's the problem with you? Who is X Japan and who is Slipknot and Avenged sevenfold. These groups are overrated and garbage. Long Live Megadeth

Why Metallica is so high? Megadeth is much better. Metallica is the most known band, but Megadeth has got better songs! It should be 2 or 3. I understand, that Black Sabbath is so high, because they are reason why all metal bands exist. Iron Maiden, are legends too, but you can compare them to Megadeth! Come on! Dave Mustaine is a god! He is great guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and he created thrash metal!

Megadeth are the greatest thrash metal band among the big 4. Its fact that they are not fame earning band than Metallica but would like to say they are greater than Metallica. Old Metallica were awesome with the legendary god of bass Clifford lee burton but new Metallica is not so good in my view megadeth music is far more better than Metallica and not to forget dave mustaine
He simply plays a guitar like a rocket and his riffs
We can experience real riffs only on megadeth. So in my opinion megadeth are far better than Metallica

Metallica did accept Dave Mustaine. That's why he was a member of Metallica. But sometimes people have problems, and sometimes they don't get along as well as hoped. They're all human. But I agree: I'm glad 2 great bands came from one. As for Tool, they have transcended metal, which is what Metallica have tried to do but they're obligated to metal for some reason.

Metallica may have been more popular, but Megadeth truly is the better band. Dave mustaine means every word he sings, and his lyrics are more meaningful. Not only the lyrics however, as mustaine is a better guitarist than both hammet and hetfield, and Marty Friedman (my personal favorite Megadeth guitarist) did better solos than any Metallica song.

When speaking about megadeth, metallic really sucks. dave has a better voice. they should be in the top with pantera on then 2nd. metallic only on the 3rd(if they are lucky). So, why are a7x on the top 10,! huh? they really sucks even than metallica. a7x music solos are completely a junk with dummy sinister playing non harmonic scales. A7X are cat, METALLICA are dog and MEGADETH are 'LIONS'

Megadeth are the best band ever for sure. Rust in peace is the best metal album made and marty freidman and dave mustaine are the best metal guitarists ever. Dave mustaine helped started metallicas career off but never gets any credit for it. Metallica early stuff was great but they really suck now. Unlike megadeth where they have been great throughout 23 years and haven't sucked at all. - pooisgood