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Opeth is a Swedish progressive death metal band from Stockholm, formed in 1990 by David Isberg, who invited Mikael Akerfeldt into the band as a bassist. Isberg ended up leaving the band, which lead to Mikael becoming the band's vocalist, guitarist, principal songwriter, and driving force. Along with ...read more.


There is no other band that makes such unique music like opeth. Respect the other bands in this list but opeth is the best band in the history by far

The reason Metallica are regarded as the greatest metal band of all time, and Opeth aren't, is because Metallica's first 5 albums destroy all of Opeth's output. It has nothing to do with weight of numbers, but impact and influence. Also, metalcore is a Christian metal movement whose origins are built on the thrash metal movement, and Bullet For My Valentine are not metalcore. Their biggest influence is Metallica, and thrash is superior to Opeth's progressive death/rock, which is why they're more popular.

Metalcore is not metal? Have you heard As I Lay Dying? They're one of the most brutal thrash bands around. What about All That Remains? They're classically trained thrash maestros. In fact, it could be argued that Opeth are no longer metal, but instead the new Led Zeppelin or Porcupine Tree. They're just a good prog rock band now, which is no bad thing, but all those bands you mentioned that aren't metal are metal.

It is Metallica's first 5 albums' influence and legacy that makes them the greatest band of all time. Thrash, and all of its sub-genres - including progressive death metal like Opeth and Between the Buried and Me,- can be attributed to one band only: Metallica. Progressive death metal is a niche market, whereas thrash is immense.

So Metalcore isn't metal, but As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage etc. Are all metal bands - and sorry to pop your bubble, but they're all Metalcore. Metalcore is a Christian metal scene. Apart from its religious beliefs, it's exponents cover many genres and styles. If you're not Christian, by virtue you are not Metalcore.

I love music, and have been listening to metal bands since more than a decade (I'm young). I really like most bands on this list. I started listening to Opeth last week. They are insane and my vote goes for them because Mikael is so talented, you can find an Opeth song for every taste in music, and they're all great.

The finest progressive metal band of all time. Pushed the genre to its limits over the course of the band's first 9 albums. Now the band plays 1970s progressive rock. No longer as creative as they once were, but the flawlessness of the death metal records is unmatched in music's history.

Did you notice the word metal in metalcore? It is a genre of metal, and it is inherently a Christian metal movement. So to claim Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium as metalcore is false. As I Lay Dying - despite what happened - were a Christian metalcore band whose biggest influence was their antithesis, Slayer. KSE are a metalcore band because of their Christian heritage. Sure, some outside of religious circles borrow elements of metalcore's melody and cleans and growls, which Opeth and FF inspired, but again, note the word metal in metalcore. The hardcore movement of yesteryear doesn't exist anymore, which is why bands like Asking Alexandria, Blessthefall are post-hardcore. Note the word post. PS: Opeth aren't even metal any longer.

I don't like how the "best" bands here are simply classified by personal opinion. The technical qualities of this band are just incredible, how every song has clear emotion and you can tell that these were organically made, not manufactured... Its just that most of these bands shouldn't be so low :/

The completeness of apparent uniform uneducated/uninformed pretentiousness is the height of self-indulgence. We, the voting community, the uneducated/uninformed voting community are certainly smart enough to comprehend Tool, but not Opeth, as they're way too smart for us dumb metal fans. You're right, Ooeth are the greatest of all time, it's just that we're all too dumb to notice.

Only second to Iron Maiden in my honest opinion. Metallica suck, and slipknot? S.O.A. D is pretty horrible and X Japan is so underrated they're overrated. Most of the list is fine, but to see Opeth so far down is an atrocity.

I just had to make the hardest decision of my life. Tool was 17 on this list, and Opeth was 18. I love both bands to death. I pray than Danny Carry doesn't kill me in my sleep, and if he tries that Mikael Akerfeldt can protect me.

Ok, Opeth fans. You have sophisticated tastes in your metal - particularly Opeth at their finest. I'm a Metallica fanboy, but this thread showed me an excellent progressive death metal band named Between the Buried and Me. As Opeth fans, you may already know them, but if not then do yourself a favour and check them out.

Opeth, along with Dream Theater are probably the best metal bands ever. Opeth is just so progressive, they have great guitar riffs, melodic vocals, and brutal growls.

Between the Buried and Me have been progressive death metal's greatest band for ages now - it's just that Opeth's fans were too deep in their own psychedelia to notice.

Opeth - Closure : The Best Song I Have Ever Heard In My Life. I Didn't Wanted To Explore Metal Before, But After Listening To This Song My Views About Metal Are Completely Different Now.

By the time they're thru, Between the Buried and Me shall be regarded as progressive Death Metal's greatest band - despite the fact they already are.

Laugh out loud Bullet For My Valentine at 11? And slipknot in top 10? And a7x at 3?! Opeth is the most talented band on the planet and they deserve number 1.. wake up opeth fans

Are Opeth even metal anymore? I like them now more than ever, because I like prog rock. There's none of those crappy growls etc. Anymore, and good riddance.

I guess not, but they still can be on this list because of their past works - Songsta41

Mikael Akerfeldt is one helluva talented guy. RESPECT. The way he combines growling with clean vocals and plays the guitar so well is amazing.

The mighty Between the Buried and Me not only own Opeth, they are the number one progressive death metal band on the planet. Step aside veterans, because it's the 21st Century, and modern metal is in as good a shape since Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus and Slayer in the early 80's. Bring it on!

Opeth is way better than Slayer. Slayer blows compared to the awesomeness that Opeth is. They should be in top 10.

Hands down the best musician since Mozart, Akerfeldt delivers on every single song on every single record!

The I only Opeth albums I love are the first two but still they should be above bands like bands like Rammstein and Korn. - Rambles

The only band I know of that can blend death metal with rock, folk, classical, and jazz into one big and awesome package.