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441 Dokken Dokken Dokken are an American metal band formed in 1979. They split up in 1989 and reformed four years later.

George Lynch was a perfect metal guitarist, and Don's vocals matched perfectly. Lynch Mob's 2 albums were great too.

Don's vocals and Jeff's chorus were perfect.

442 Stryper

This was a close tie between Stryper & Skid Row, and as good as Skid Row was they only had 2 classic albums, and then fizzled. Stryper had a few more, and the dual guitar leads, and great show antics did it for me. I saw Skid Row as well, and Stryper was better live.

Stryper is just some random Christian band, whose songs aren't even that great. Sure To Hell With the Devil is a pretty good song, but they're just another random glam rock band with no variety, with at least a hundred other artists that sound EXACTLY the same. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

These guys should be permanently left at position 666 for an eternity, and then some.

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443 Dimmu Borgir Dimmu Borgir Dimmu Borgir is a Norwegian symphonic black metal band from Oslo, Norway, formed in 1993. The name is derived from Dimmuborgir, a volcanic formation in Iceland, the name of which means "dark cities" or "dark castles/fortresses" in Icelandic, Faroese and Old Norse.

Dimmu makes Behemoth look like Hannah Montana. -

Want to break up the monotony of "metal" you hear all over today throw a track on Dimmu on and let the metal commence.

I'd give it to Hannah before Dimmu, provided it's legal.

Every single track they play gives me goosebumps 63 is nothing... They are the kings of death metal

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444 Hawkwind

Hey, Lemmy was there for a while, though I doubt I'd classify them as metal.

445 Finger Eleven
446 The Jam The Jam

Lol! British 70's punk. Leave this poor thread master alone. He already has his work cut out for him.

447 Europe Europe Europe is a Swedish rock band formed in Upplands Väsby, Stockholm in 1979 under the name Force by vocalist Joey Tempest, guitarist John Norum, bassist Peter Olsson and drummer Tony Reno.

Melodic, great lyrics, wonder guitar solos. This band did not was appreciate. Every one known their from one song which name is "Final Countdown". They have many cool songs, it is worth to lesson another their stuff. Example "Rock the Night", "Carrie", "Cherokee", "Wings of Tomorrow", Superstitious", "Open your heart".

Come on. This is the band that had the rock anthem the final countdown. Are you guys serious? 177? What is this? People don't know how to listen good music this days.

Ok, I'll dust off my spandex, throw a pair of socks down the front, buy some hairspray and lipstick, grab my cigarette lighter, and sing along with you, ok, Just between you and I though.

448 X

X is awesome but they aren't metal they are more punk

449 Blackmail
450 Airborne
451 30 Seconds to Mars 30 Seconds to Mars Thirty Seconds to Mars (commonly stylized as 30 Seconds to Mars) is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1998. The band consists of Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Miličević.

Their older songs are metal, in case you didn't know. Pretty good, actually.

30 seconds to mars is pop-rock, not metal. - Imreallyboredrightnow

I cannot understand how such a band is 77th, while Scorpions are 97th

452 Nightwish Nightwish Nightwish is a symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland. The band was formed in 1996 by lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and lead singer Tarja Turunen.

This is the best for me.
since the lyrics is not about evil, the concept is not about evil.
everything is great!

One of the best bands still going on in this decade. If you've never heard of them, look up their albums Once, Oceanborn, and Imaginaerum. They are such a creative band. They DEFINITELY deserve to be in the top ten. I'm not saying it's a crime if someone's not a fan of them, but more people need to look them up to begin with! Dark Chest of Wonders, The Pharaoh Sails to Orion, Devil and The Deep Dark Ocean, End of All Hope, Planet Hell, She Is My Sin, Ghost Love Score, The Phantom of the Opera (live versions), Storytime, Sahara, Scaretale, 7 Days to the Wolves, Ghost River, and Last Ride of the Day are just a selected few of their masterpieces. Not to mention they have some of the best songwriting of all time - the lyrics, which are heavily influenced by fantasy, are literally poetry, and that is no exaggeration.

BEST BAND EVER PERIOD! How they aren't in the top 10 at least I don't know fajpfjgjeprvgj slipknot ahead of them WHAT?

This should not be number 688 on this list
Should be top 50 if not top 25

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453 Stratovarius Stratovarius Stratovarius is a Finnish power metal band that formed in 1984. Since their formation, they have released 16 studio albums, 4 DVD and 3 live albums.

But Metallica played Euro-thrash in America long before any Euro-thrash/metal band from Europe ever did. Their influence on the likes of Artillery, Destruction etc. was profound. It is quite simply remarkable how unique a talent they were. That said, you have convinced me to give these guys a listen.

Seriously they should be on the top 20 the one who made this list should really rethink this

There latest album "Nemesis" is the best metal album ever! This is a top ten metal band for sure. They're from Finland, but that shouldn't matter. Give them a listen. You WILL NOT be disappointed!

Just listening their song like forever and tomorrow, you will knew that this
Is the best ever melodic power metal in the world.

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454 Doro

Things between Lita Ford and Doro Pesch could get a little hairy though.

Yeah, nice little blonde from back in the day. I fantasised about her and Lita Ford going at it, but did they wax back then?

455 Grave Digger Grave Digger

Love this Band! Can't understand why it is not higher.

456 Finntroll Finntroll Finntroll is a folk metal band from Helsinki, Finland. They combine elements of black metal and folk metal. V 1 Comment
457 Tristania
458 Moi Dix Mois
459 Antim Grahan

Many of you may not have heard of Antim Grahan because its band from Nepal. But If you give a try and listen one of the song then the real metal lovers can not stop them from loving this band. Listen to their songs like FOREVER WINTER or 300 and you will know what I'm trying to say
-Nepali Metal Lover

Antim Grahan is a ultimate metal band. I would really like to thank this site because through this site, I discovered Antim Grahan and now I am proud to be one of the antim grahan fan...

Hell Yeah... Antim Grahan take metal genre to new level... Shame to all those people who call themselves metal lover and do not listen to Antim Grahan.

Forever 1 of the metal band. we love very much.

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460 Vhumi
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