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461 Toy Called God
462 Montrose
463 Descending Chaos

New coming band with a really interesting melodic type of new gothenburg metal sound! Good stuff...

464 All Shall Perish

Yes, their prescient albums 'Climate Change' and 'Global Warming' should have been heard and heeded decades ago, but it's too late. All Shall Perish!

465 Antaeus
466 Cauldron Black Ram
467 Dragonsclaw
468 I Killed the Prom Queen

Good quality Australian screamo, I think.

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469 Lord
470 Channel Zero

Their album Unsafe is simply fantastic. If you enjoy high-quality groove metal, this band deliver. Good to see them back amid the fray, but it's their first 4 that hit the sweet spot for me.

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471 Enthroned
472 Gorefest Gorefest Gorefest was a Dutch band from the Zeeland region of the Netherlands which was founded in 1989 as a death metal outfit by De Koeyer, Harthoorn, van Schaik and Hoogendoorn.
473 Slechtvalk
474 Witchmaster
475 Ill Nino Ill Nino
476 Spineshank
477 Fellsilent

Great band! Broke up but the bands Tesseract and Monuments has some of there former members and are also really good bands!

478 Monuments
479 Tesseract

Hmm! Still trying to figure out if I like djent or not, but I guess I must like it because I have all their recorded stuff. Talented, no doubt, but is it a fad?

Ok, I do like them. I have Polaris, Odyssey/Scala, One, and Altered State. They're atmospheric, talented, and downright heavy. If Tool and going to release anything, I'll gladly spend my money on these guys instead.

480 Isis

Isis were definitely before their time. Tool are far more popular, and deservedly so, which isn't a slight on Isis. It's just because Maynard is the most intelligent lyricist on the planet.

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