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41 Venom Venom Venom are an English extreme metal band formed in 1979 in Newcastle upon Tyne. Coming to prominence towards the end of the new wave of British heavy metal, Venom's first two albums—Welcome to Hell and Black Metal—are considered a major influence on thrash metal and extreme metal in general.

The big 4 get all the credit but the first people to play thrash or extreme metal venom. Metallica influenced almost every single modern metal band in existence and slayer gave birth to death metal with direct help from venom and anthrax who created Nu metal would not exist without venom. venom also directly spawned black metal. Only Black Sabbath who created metal and maybe Judas Priest who perfected it could possibly rank above venom. While I love them they definitely aren't my favorite but If were talking about "greatest" metal bands them venom must be top 3 possibly top 2 - maverick88

I am an early Venom fan, but they had no impact on Metallica. Metallica were such a force of nature that not even they could, in their wildest dreams, have predicted what influence they would have on metal. There have been bands that have equalled or bested Venom, but the same can't be said of Metallica 35-years on from the 'No Life till Leather' demo.

The most underrated metal band ever. Everyone knows about their connection to black metal but they are also the reason for thrash and death metal. We would not have Slayer, Metallica, Death, Cannibal Corpse, and all other death Thrash and black metal bands if it were not for venom - maverick88

If this band made nu metal, they can go suck a big floppy wiener for killing metal.

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42 Rainbow

Rainbow is by far Ronnie James Dio's best fronted band. It takes the great singing of Ronnie James Dio, combined with one of the greatest metal guitarists Ritchie Blackmore, to team up and write some really great songs. Too bad after Ronnie James Dio left, the band kinda started to suck. Because of this, they are pretty much the Metallica of all Ronnie James Dio bands. - DarkenedBrutality

Ritchie Blackmore, the king of guitar solos, so below. Unbielivable

For me, they were the first to really define what metal would sound like in the future: Dio with his epic voice, Blackmore with his neoclassical playing... Shameful that they're below Evanescence who are not even close to metal. - RalphSaad

Catch the rainbow guys! It's on of the best and underrated group.

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43 Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine is a Nu-Metal band formed in Los Angeles, California. The band consists of vocalist Zack de la Rocha, bassist Tim Commerford, guitarist Tom Morello and drummer Brad Wilk.

Agreed, why the hell is this band down at 44, they are one of the most important bands of not only the 90s, but of all time. Very political, and very heavy. Definitely heavier than most of the bands on this list, and the lyrics are also controversial and heavy. Only Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden match up to these guys.

On his best days zach de la rocha would be lucky ( and I'm reaching) to occupy the receptacle tip of a rubber prophylactic filled by any of the latter band members you've just mentioned. And oh ya his politics suck ... JUST SAYING

Look, back in the day they were good, no denying that. But it was all just teen angst gone wild. They're probably all now employed by the machine they were raging against two-decades ago. Welcome to the real world of paying the bills.

Iron maiden are, always have and always will be my favourite metal band but RATM have really grown on me the last couple of months. Deserve the vote! - wolphert

Guerilla radio is a great song, but not the best metal band.

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44 Trivium Trivium Trivium are an American heavy metal band from Orlando, Florida, formed in 1999. After getting signed to Roadrunner Records in 2004, the band has released seven studio albums and nineteen singles.

Why so low?... Really very disgusted to see them in so low in ratings it's the best metal I ever heard... And how come likin park become a metal band...

Trivium bloody best band ever!

Ascendancy, Shogun and In Waves have to be the 3 greatest albums I've ever heard. Theses guys are also the best live musicians I've ever seen. They surely deserve number1!

Corey Beaulieu is in Trivium. Need I say more?

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45 In Flames In Flames In Flames is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 1990. more.

I would rather go to In Flames concert than to Metallica or Iron Maiden concert. To me they are the best band on this planet, tough they really should be in top ten at bare minimum.

Try listening to Slipknot's Psychosocial and then listen to In Flames' Only for the Weak and then explain me how In Flames number 28 and Slipknot 10!

They don't just make few awesome songs, their every songs is awesome and worth listening. If you would point a gun at me and ask me what are my top ten In Flames songs, I honestly couldn't tell you. There are just so many insanely good songs.

Everything about this band is brilliant: vocal, lyrics, melody, rhythm, guitar solo... And I don't care what people say about their new albums. They are as great as the old albums.

In Flames we trust!

In Flames doesn't make music. They create melodic poetry. Rhythms that make you want to beat someone up, along with lyrics that can give you goosebumps. Is and will always be my favorite music, they changed Melodic Death Metal. In Flames we Trust.

I love all the band's up till this point and I can CONFIDENTLY say In Flames are better MUSICIANS than every other band on this list. They write poetry and fuse it with some of the best melodies, their songs have deeper meaning than any other band here. I'll admit they don't have any Dimebag Darrels as guitarists. But I know for a fact they're far more talented than bands like System of a Down and I'll even go as far as to say they're about as talented as Death (Don't get the wrong idea I love those bands). But as creators of music, hell I'd say they're even better than black sabbath and iron maiden. Songs to check out; Come clarity, Only for the weak, Crawl through knives, Colony, Trigger and Sounds of a playground fading. - Diragaze

Why is A7X in the top 10 and this in 36. - MorbidCannibalSlayer

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46 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin were an English rock band formed in London in 1968. The group consisted of Robert Plant (Vocal), Jimmy Page (Guitar), John Paul Jones (Bass, Keyboard) and John Bonham (Drums). The band's heavy, guitar-driven sound, rooted in blues and psychedelia on their early albums, has earned them recognition more.

Let me explain why Led Zeppelin is not high on this list: they are not a Metal Band. They are Classic Rock. Even that's too specific, because they've tried everything in the book. They've tried reggae, rock, country-rock, heavy metal, and even mixed in some folk. I'm only voting for them because I like them, but they belong on a different list.

Why the hell is Zeppelin so low on this list? This is easily the greatest and most influential rock band in history with Pink Floyd

Comments like: "Why are they so low" or "Why are they lower than Metallica" are funny. Well like it or not, Metallica (which I don't specifically like that much) belong to this list way more than Led Zeppelin obviously because they're actually heavy metal! Led Zeppelin only had a few songs that could arguably be considered metal. It's annoying how the Led Zeppelin/Queen/Beatles fanboys always act this way and include their favorite band on every list even if it's unrelated. - RalphSaad

One of the founders of Metal music but did not do any further than that - Neonco31

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47 Exodus Exodus Exodus is an American thrash metal band formed in 1979 in Richmond, California. Spanning a career of 37 years, Exodus has gone through numerous lineup changes, two extended hiatuses, and the deaths of two former band members.

What these guys are making some of the best thrash ever recorded right now. Their last 4 albums are unreal. Tempo of the Damned, Shovel Headed Kill Machine, The Atrocity: Exhibit A and Exhibit B; The Human Condition are absolute mammoth albums that stack up against anybody. Seriously these guys deserve more recognition.

Yes, they are too low on the list. There should be a spot specifically reserved for Exodus because they, along with Testament, Forbidden and Heathen did not get the recognition they deserved. That said, I can't think of one reputable metal fan who doesn't acknowledge them as one of the all-time greats of thrash.

Oh come on dudes! Every single track of Exodus is a masterpiece! Just listen to bonded by blood, shovel headed kill machine and the least Blood In, Blood Out!

Why so low? This band is awesome! R.I.P Paul Baloff. - LadyBanshee

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48 Mastodon Mastodon Mastodon is an American heavy metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in early 2000 and composed of bassist Troy Sanders, guitarists Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher and drummer Brann Dailor.

There's no comparing mastodon to anyone on this list they are in a league of their own. I would have expected them to be much higher on the list. They are constantly evolving.

Does somebody want to tell me why Mastodon is bellow AC/DC, Evanescence, Led Zeppelin, and Three Days Grace, bands that AREN'T EVEN METAL! Mastodon revolutionizes the genre, instead of catering to an oblivious public. I'm looking at you Avenged Sevenfold.

One of the best metal bands to play! Ever! No other sound can compare to their own. They changed the world of music to me. Songs like crack the Skye, the last baron, and oblivion have gave me a new outlook on progressive metal, and music in itself. Please give them a listen because they deserve a little respect for the music they create and for their technical mastery!

The only relevant metal band In recent times,fearless talented band with amazing diversity,No other band on this list could hope to be able to write such a varied and also ourstanding catologue
Most complete metal band there is by far

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49 Three Days Grace Three Days Grace Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band formed in Norwood, Ontario in 1997 with a line-up consisting of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and backing vocalist Neil Sanderson, and bassist Brad Walst.

Their awesome because I can't find a single song by then that I didn't like. I don't think they're the best to everyone cause there are other bands better but some of those other bands songs aren't good but all of Three Days Grace are awesome! Though it may not be the best metal band because not all of their songs are metal, most of then are hard rock, but they're still awesome

I think this is so lowly ranked because I wouldn't really consider it a "metal" band. It's more rock to me. They are very good, though.

This is the best inspirational band I ever seen. They I Believe they should have shot right pass Linkin Park though. I think they are way better and deserve a better ranking. No disrespect to Linkin Park though, they have written some of the best songs I've ever heard also. Although with that said I believe if you would listen to every TDG album and song you'd have them in you're top 5 and possibly, as you're number 1 band. Because we have to be honest, its not a band on this list that has all metal songs. I believe overall, and by overall I mean all around potential and the quality and persistency of the songs a band writes. TDG makes in the top 5 easy. I wont go so far and say there better then the classic rock bands like the Beatles, but they do come close to those standards. And speaking of the Beatles majority of their songs are not metal. This my opion.

I wouldn't consider them metal, they're more hard rock than anything - Ihategwyn310

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50 Manowar Manowar Manowar is an American heavy metal band from New York City, New York. Formed in 1980, the group is known for lyrics based on fantasy and mythology.

40?... WTF manowar are the true kings of metal the should be on top

One of the most underrated bands ever just listen to hail and kill or warriors of the world or die for metal or sons of Odin or Sleipnir almost most of there songs are awesome there the true kings of metal

No other band so purely represents the soul of metal. The first note I ever heard them play live sent a chill to my spine. The strenght and power of their songs are a whole other level, and all their songs drip with pure metal. So old, yet still so METAL!

Manowawr 53 while retarded pieces of disgrace for metal take dozens of place above!

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51 Black Tide Black Tide Black Tide was an American heavy metal band from Miami, Florida. Formed in 2004, the band consists of Gabriel Garcia, Austin Diaz and Cody Paige.

Black tide is awesome! Should be a little higher than this, but I do kind of understand the placement. "That fire" is one of my favorite songs.

52 Emperor Emperor Emperor was a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1991, regarded as highly influential by critics and emerging black metal bands.

The sun has set on emperor but the music is still alive Ihsahn has started doing more progressive metal which is really good anyone who had not listened to emperor, or to Ihsahn, is really missing out this is some of the best metal ever. - the_winds_of_mayhem

Black metal is just awesome, so yeah. I also grew up with it, It got mounted in my brain because Norway exposes you to it. But I do not regret.

Definitely one of the best black metal bands out there.

I'm not a fan, but this mob are pioneers, no question.

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53 Deep Purple Deep Purple Deep Purple are an English rock band formed in Hertford in 1968. They are considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock, although their musical approach changed over the years. Originally formed as a progressive rock band, the band shifted to a heavier sound in 1970. Deep Purple, more.

Amazing they help put down the ground work for all recent Metal along with Sabbath. They had the Original Metal in the 70's. Helped with two great albums in the 80's metal shred. Gave us the epic intro to the Battle Rages on in the 90's and In 2013 gave us an astounding progressive Metal album Now What!? Clearly they are one of the best metal bands of all time! - STLRams1

Technically good or not, I don't care.
They have so many good songs with good riffs and good guitars.
You don't have to be fast to be a good guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore
Is on my list of good music.
I enjoy their music, this is what heavy metal is all about!

Why do you make it sound like they're not technically good? They were some of the most technical musicians at their time. However, it's true that these days there are faster musicians who play fast just to impress, which I find dumb. These guys used speed at the service of melody without looking too much like show-offs. - RalphSaad

53 on this list presently, this is a joke for deep purple

One of these bands who starts this genre. But live they are the First real beasts! The next beasts where Motörhead!

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54 Meshuggah Meshuggah Meshuggah is a Swedish progressive metal band from Umeå, formed in 1987. They are credited with crafting the Djent subgenre. Meshuggah's line-up consists of founding members vocalist Jens Kidman and lead guitarist Fredrik Thordendal, drummer Tomas Haake, who joined in 1990, rhythm guitarist Mårten more.


World. Wake up! There's more beyond mainstream music.

#The undisputed masters of underground music.

66? Is this a joke? A ton of the bands about this on the list got their inspiration or even copied meshuggah's trademark sound. Meshuggah is really like none other, way more unique and skilled than like 75% of the bands above

They created an unique style which has been copied by countless other bands.

Heaviest band out RN. Still going hard.

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55 Nightwish Nightwish Nightwish is a symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland. The band was formed in 1996 by lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and lead singer Tarja Turunen.

This is the best for me.
since the lyrics is not about evil, the concept is not about evil.
everything is great!

One of the best bands still going on in this decade. If you've never heard of them, look up their albums Once, Oceanborn, and Imaginaerum. They are such a creative band. They DEFINITELY deserve to be in the top ten. I'm not saying it's a crime if someone's not a fan of them, but more people need to look them up to begin with! Dark Chest of Wonders, The Pharaoh Sails to Orion, Devil and The Deep Dark Ocean, End of All Hope, Planet Hell, She Is My Sin, Ghost Love Score, The Phantom of the Opera (live versions), Storytime, Sahara, Scaretale, 7 Days to the Wolves, Ghost River, and Last Ride of the Day are just a selected few of their masterpieces. Not to mention they have some of the best songwriting of all time - the lyrics, which are heavily influenced by fantasy, are literally poetry, and that is no exaggeration.

BEST BAND EVER PERIOD! How they aren't in the top 10 at least I don't know fajpfjgjeprvgj slipknot ahead of them WHAT?

This is the best metal band. They're iconic

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56 Bathory Bathory Bathory was a Swedish Black/Viking Metal band formed in 1983 by Quorthon and Jonas Åkerlund. Bathory's first 4 albums layed the blueprint for Scandinavian Black Metal. Quorthon is often credited with creating the "shrieking" vocal style of Black Metal. Their 5th album, Hammerheart (1990) displayed more.

0.2% voted Bathory... What is wrong with you people... Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot etc.. I don't blame people for liking them but because they're your favorite band it doesn't mean they're the best... Please listen to Bathory, Celtic Frost, Razor, Kreator, Destruction, Slayer, Darkthrone etc.. Then you can vote..

Black metal? Viking metal? POSSIBLY the best band of all time? Here's some home truths for you: Venom are the founders of Black metal. Who cares about Viking metal unless your riding out a typhoon in a canoe? POSSIBLY = may or not be. Fact: Metallica's first decade is the greatest in metal history. All hail fad metal!

They started the music that we call folk and pagan metal, I can't write down how I feel when I listed to their tracks but I think Mother Earth and Father thunder are very proud of them!

This is true Heavy Metal. - Rambles

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57 Dark Tranquillity Dark Tranquillity Dark Tranquillity is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Gothenburg. They are one of the longest-standing bands from the original Gothenburg metal scene.

Completely underrated - icons of a whole metal sub-genre (Gothenburg Sound)

Listening to them right now gallery one of the best death metal album ever

They created the melodic death metal

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58 Motley Crue Motley Crue Mötley Crüe was an American metal band formed in Los Angeles, California on January 17, 1981. The group was founded by bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee, lead vocalist Vince Neil and lead guitarist Mick Mars.

Why the Heck did they put Motley Crue in 59? Its just wrong man, they should be arrested for that kind of stupid stoned and dumb thing that they did. I know Ozzy, Guns N Roses, KISS, Scorpions, and AC/DC and other ones are good but Motley Crue is the best IN THE Best Metal Bands.

Another hard rock list crossover, but metal enough to be here. Some great albums, and a great show in Santa Monica.

How the heck is Motley Crue the greatest hair metal band of all time in 58 place while bullet for my valentine a crappy band in 13 place the list is rigged

This deserves to be in the top ten

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59 Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails is an American industrial rock/metal band and, founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ok, I'm only 14, but I love nin. I've been to one of their concerts before and they sound pretty good live considering how produced their music is. I can't believe they aren't higher on the list. They outrank those screamo bands by far.

Like Ministry, Skinny Puppy - and even Fear Factory - NIN combined brutal metal riffs with their Industrial style, so they rightly belong here.

How I'd love to be 14 and discover 'The Fragile' for the first-time. I'm still not sick of that epic industrial masterpiece.

Not metal. - wrests

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60 Soundgarden Soundgarden Soundgarden is an American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1984 by singer and rhythm guitarist Chris Cornell, lead guitarist Kim Thayil, and bassist Hiro Yamamoto.

Grunge isn't a sub-genre of Alternative Metal, otherwise Nirvana, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam etc. would be regarded as metal bands, which they aren't, not in the slightest. Jeremy's spoken!

They're not grunge, they're Sabbath on steroids.

Yes! Although they were called grunge, they are pure metal. So amazing!

Good band but not metal - jack2244

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