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161 Evile Evile Evile are an English thrash metal band from Huddersfield, formed in 2004. The band's debut album, Enter the Grave, was produced by Flemming Rasmussen at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark and was released worldwide in 2007 by Earache Records to critical acclaim by fans and critics alike.

The Horror! A band that likes Metallica might be influenced by them. What on Earth can make a human being influenced by something? There should be no DNA, no tastes, no acknowledgement whatsoever. If you are creative, and it isn't 100% original, then you do not deserve your place among us mere mortals.

Hey, throw a brick at the lead-singer, just like all the others who dislike this band. I bet you're the one's who own Trivium albums and conveniently forget how much they want to be like Metallica. Hypocrites.

Also, for the record, they don't sound much like Metallica anyway. 'Skull' is more Slayer than Metallica, and, wait for it...if you give them a chance, guess what? You just might like them. Horrific, I know.

The Great Band Ever!

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162 Unleash The Archers
163 Alesana

This band has some of the most annoying vocals ever.

It is the best metal band in my opinion

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164 Satyricon Satyricon
165 Darkthrone Darkthrone Darkthrone is a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1986 under the name Black Death. The band consists of 2 multi-instrumentalists, Fenriz and Nocturno Culto. Originally a death metal band, in 1991, the band switched to a black metal style influenced by Bathory and Celtic Frost and became one of the more.

Trve Norwegian Black Metal. So obscure that 0% voted for this. One of the most preeminent bands to exist. - LadyBanshee

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166 Dissection Dissection Dissection was a Swedish extreme metal band. They formed in 1989 by Jon Nödtveidt and later disbanded in 2006, followed by Nödtveidt's suicide. Their sound is usually described as "melodic blackened death metal".
167 Chelsea Grin
168 Oh, Sleeper Oh, Sleeper Oh, Sleeper is an American Christian metalcore band from Fort Worth, Texas. Previously signed to Solid State Records they are currently operating independently.
169 Alarum
170 Savatage Savatage Savatage is an American heavy metal band founded by the brothers Jon and Criss Oliva in 1978 at Astro Skate in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Savatage is the best band ever... Why is it 86th? Great lyrics.. Great voice.. Great sound. Too bad there are not together anymore. Zach has a great voice.

Chris Caffery plays some of the best metal riffs ever, at least in my opinion. Not to mention you can actually understand most of their lyrics. - SamRaven2

This is one of those gems that gets passed over and over. The band in any configuration were and still are some of the most talented musicians in the world!

One of the most underrated bands of all time...

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171 Skid Row Skid Row Skid Row is an American heavy metal band, formed in 1986 in Toms River, New Jersey. They were very successful in the late 1980s and early 1990s, with their first two albums certified multi-platinum.

Some one had to and they are an amazing band x

This one of the greatest rock band in the history of music..

They were great in the late '80s, early '90s

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172 Alter Bridge Alter Bridge Alter Bridge is an American rock band from Orlando, Florida, formed in 2004. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Myles Kennedy, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips.

Alter bridge is one if those bands some people will always say isn't metal, but with the release of fortress, along with some of their older songs, such as metalingus and ties that bind, alter bridge has released numerous amazing metal songs. Between the legendary voice of myles kennedy and the godlike guitar skill of Mark Tremonti, this band merits a good look through. I'm not one to say that the higher ranking bands are trash, or that I'm outraged that my favorite band is so low, but what I will say is that anyone who is a fan of metal ought to give Alter Bridge a try!

They're not exclusive to metal, but have some of that as well. All of their songs are amazing!

Yeah, they're a great alternative rock band that can verge on heavy. Quality band.

173 Ghost Ghost Ghost is a Swedish heavy metal band that was formed in Linköping in 2008. Ghost consists of 5 masked instrumentalists, known as The Nameless Ghouls, and a demonic anti-pope known as Papa Emeritus. They have released 3 studio albums and 2 EPs . Each album brings in a new version of Papa Emeritus. Ghost more.

Ghost may be a very new band, but they deserve to be way higher up. Over the past year, Ghost has become one of the most popular modern Metal Bands, they have performed on late night television, won a Grammy, have been selling out consistently on their last few tours, and their recent album, Meliora, peaked in the top 5 of the billboard rock charts. They are truly something special. Occult imagery and lyrics, with heavy Doom Metal riffs and catchy vocals. Ghost is becoming huge! - ryanrimmel

They're honestly the best modern metal of all time. They're not some boring alternative metal crap we hear now at days. They are honestly way better than Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold

They are only down here because they're a new band, they will become one of the best bands of all time if they keep on producing such amazing songs, but until then, it will take a long time before most of the people notice them.

Actually there psychedelic rock tinged with doom metal. Even one of the band members said they were rock at the Grammys.

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174 Falling in Reverse Falling in Reverse Falling in Reverse is an American post hardcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada, formed in 2008, signed to Epitaph Records.

They're amazing. Songs, lyrics, especially lyrics and Ronnie's screams... - Marvel_1William

Best modern rock band - Marvel_1William

HAHAAHA! Are you serious?

175 Queensryche Queensryche Queensrÿche is an American heavy metal band formed in 1982 in Bellevue, Washington, out of the local band the Mob.

Queensryche is the greatest! Mostly before they lost Chris Degarmo but whatever... Geoff tate has wonderful vocals and range. Listen to Queen of the reich then listen to Silent lucidity that's pretty much how wide of a range this guy has. Oh yeah also operation mindcrime was their best album!

Mindcrime has got to get SOME love! - suhlevy

Yes! A mighty prog metal outfit. I'd go do far as to say 'Rage For Order' is their best, despite 'Operation Mindcrime' being one of the greatest albums of all time. 'Empire' broke them commercially, and they were enormous then, but arena rock wasn't Queensryche's place. 'Promised Land' delivered, then the great de Garmo left, and that was it, for me at-least.

Todd is way better sounding than Tate.

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176 Apocalyptica Apocalyptica Apocalyptica is a Finnish metal band from Helsinki, Finland formed in 1993. The band is composed of classically trained cellists Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, and Perttu Kivilaakso and drummer Mikko Sirén.

If you love both classical music and metal (as I know many metallers do), you will find Apocalyptica absolutely great and original. How many metal bands are there that just use cellos and kick ass? I wouldn't dare putting them on the top ten places, as they are way too eccentric to common understanding of metal, ok. Yet they are brilliant in their kind. It's a shame that they stand at place 96, so grossly underrated.

How about Kronos Quartet? Their soundtrack to Requiem For A Dream is even more unnerving than the movie.

177 Draconian Draconian

This is hands down one of the better of the new bands of the past decade the burning halo really showed that this highly talented band is looking to take over the goth/doom metal crowd I would say they are the best goth metal doom metal band out there bar none. - the_winds_of_mayhem

Draconian is the best GOTHIC/DOOM METAL band - Angra-Mainyu

178 Immortal Immortal Immortal is a black metal band from Bergen, Norway, founded in 1990 by frontman and guitarist Abbath Doom Occulta and former guitarist Demonaz Doom Occulta.

Immortal and many great black metal bands so low?

Black metal legends that are way too low on the list

All Shall Fall is the best song ever.

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179 Within Temptation Within Temptation Within Temptation is a Dutch symphonic metal band founded in April 1996 by vocalist Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt.

Within Temptation used to be a Metal Eminence, Power, Sympho, Gothic, and Folk metal people, know which top should they be.

#158? Are you effing kidding? No, they deserve to be higher! If it were not for them, I would not like metal today.

180 We Came As Romans We Came As Romans We Came as Romans (abbreviated as WCAR) is an American metalcore band from Troy, Michigan, formed in 2005. The band has gone through one name change and multiple lineup changes, and signed to Albany, New York label Equal Vision Records in 2009. We Came as Romans is managed by Outerloop Management and more.

I fell in love with this band the first time I heard one of their songs. Every single one of their songs has genuine lyrics and very catchy music. By far one of my favorite bands. They're right up their with Memphis May Fire :D

Damn! Even I have to admit that I like this boy band if Metalcore. They're puerile, sickeningly positive, and everything I loathe. Yet, when I put 'Understanding What We've Grown To Be' in the tray, it's just so heavy and catchy, that I can't help myself. I even have their dvd. I'm a moral disgrace.

This band is the greates band in the world I they have really good lyrics to all there songs

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