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Pantera was an American Heavy Metal band formed in 1981 by guitarist Dimebag Darrell and drummer Vinnie Paul. The band started out as a Glam Metal act in the 1980s with little success. After discarding their original lead vocalist and enlisting Phil Anselmo, the band signed a major record deal with more.


If your talking most popular than Metallica wins hands down. If your talking best metal band Pantera wins hands down. Was Phil in is time a better singer than James? By far. Dimebag was better than Kirk and James put together on guitar. Don't believe me than go learn some Dimebag licks if you can and then we will talk. Everybody can play like James or Kirk and make it sound the way they did. The only person could make Pantera sound the way is should sound is Dimebag. Go to utube and watch Pantera covering Metallica's No Remorse in 1988 and you will see Pantera play their own song better than them. Guess what if another band plays your song better than you do it's means their a better band. Pantrea could cover Mettalica songs all day long and it would probably sound better. If Metallica tried to cover Pantera songs it would be a total mess. People that don't know Pantera well don't understand the musical talent that was in that band.

Pantera were a glam band, a power metal band, and a thrash band. The only reason Pantera became a thrash band was because of Metallica. As for musicianship and output goes, Hammett was trained by Joe Satriani, Dave Mustaine has already been awarded the greatest guitarist of all time accolade, Cliff Burton was as good as Steve Harris, and James Hetfield's rhythms and lyrics moved mountains. The day Pantera invent a better genre than thrash and write 5 if its greatest albums is the day they're the greatest. Mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery.

Pantera were the best metal band of the mid-nineties, no question, but metal has outlived every genre you can name, so although late Pantera were killing it metal wasn't going anywhere. It is an overstatement to say they saved metal because Korn were there, too (though I loathe nu-metal), and Pantera's truly metal days were pretty short lived. They were glam and power metal longer than they were a thrash band. It's the fans themselves that keep metal alive. If we want re-thrash, that's what we get, because we financially support it.

I respect all greatest metal bands and I heard almost every album from many many bands but what I want to say it's not about speed, or highest vocal it's about new level new step in metal step by step:Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Metallica and then came Pantera and blow them away Pantera is the far away best metal ever and that's not opinion that's the way it is in reality!

Pantera saved metal? Pantera's reign (as even a legitimate thrash band) was so brief they were a blink of the eye. Korn, Limp Bizkit, and the whole crap nu-metal movement were there longer than Pantera. The released Cowboys From Hell, Vulgar Display of Power, and the patchy Far Beyond Driven and then were forgotten. Nu-metal, as regrettable as it was, was metal also. Metal has never died; Pantera just made it not stink for a while.

Pantera were a glam band, a power metal band, and a thrash band. And the only reason they became a thrash band is because of Metallica. As for musicianship and output goes, Metallica are the greatest of all time. Hammett was trained by Satriani, Mustaine is regarded as the greatest guitarist of all time, and Hetfield's lyrics moved mountains. The day Pantera write the 5 greatest thrash albums is the day they're the greatest.

Pantera always will be the best metal band, as the never really weren't metal, even in the glam days they were heavy.. Metallica is AWESOME but they went all Country and rock after Black Album. If you want the definition of Heavy Metal at its finest just listen to Cowboys From Hell through till Reinventing The Steel. Also Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets,... And Justice For All and Black Album.

Dude? Okay, phil was (and probably still is) the greates voice of power metal, groove metal we any kin of metal, dimes guitar playing was just perfect, one guitar in this band, 1!? When I first listens to the I though there was two? Rex just so in time and rhythmic with his bass playing and vinnie Paul, he made them drums sous like 12 gauge shotgun blasts, I mean he was on the cover for best metal drummer at one stage! Overall panteras music was a way if letting out all of your emotions an it works even to today, the music was powerful and hard hitting but something to grove to and head bang to, that to me is one of the reasons why pantera is 1 of the greatest metal bad of all time

Pantera should obviously be in the top 5, Pantera is one of the most talented metal bands ever, Dimebag is the guitarist that inspired me to start playing guitar, Personally I feel that Dimebag is the best metal guitarist of all time. Really the only thing I have to complain about them is they kinda ruined metal, They inspired a lot of these newish metal bands such as System of a down syndrome and many others. - DropKickJesus

Phil's powerful lyrics, Vinnie's groovy beats, Rex's attention to detail, and Dimebag. Dimebag was a God. The heaviest, grooviest and technical too. And one other thing. He did it all himself. He didn't need another guitarist to sound like the best metal band of all time. He did it all himself. Amazing. You can't say a thing bad about them. They were also the band which saved drowning heavy metal in the 90's. They rocked.

In 1988, Metallica were touring And Justice For All - the 5th greatest metal record in history - and weren't even aware that a power metal band like Pantera - who were literally writing the album Power Metal - were even covering one of their most rudimentary songs from the first thrash metal album of all time, Kill 'em All. And no, there's no such movement as Groove Metal.

PanterA should be in the top 5 because not only did they save all of metal during the 90s they also have one of the greatest sounds ever, AND THEY WEREN'T AFRAID, when they came out and had Far Beyond Driven hit #1 on the billboard top 200 chart, it shows that metal wont stop, they did something no other band did, save there music. Don't keep calm and listen to PanterA.

I love a lot of these bands up here but some don't belong in this category. Comparing Linkin Park to Black Sabbath is like comparing apples to oranges. I pick Pantera cause they were 100% Metal with no compromises. They came along and showed everyone how it was supposed to be done. I like a lot of bands more than them, but they set the standard and that's worthy of my vote.

Here's the truth. Legends come first. Bands like Avenged Sevenfold x Japan etc don't deserve to be compared to the bands like Black Sabbath megadeth pantera iron maiden slayer Judas priest etc. They are the creators of heavy metal so quite righteously must be placed higher. Anyways Pantera May not be THE best metal band but it certainly is a hell of a kick ass

Pantera is one of the best, in-your-face metal bands of all time!
Why they aren't higher then this shocks me!

Also, why the Hell is Avenged Sevenfold anywhere on this list, they suck!

Pantera's entire catalogue (the 80's must be included) is iffy at best. 'Cowboys...', 'Vulgar...' and 'Far Beyond...' are quality, no question, but overall they're at the position they're at because they deserve to be. They were great when they became a legitimate metal/thrash band, but their latter releases sounded tired from an inevitably tired band.

I enjoyed 2 of Pantera's albums - Cowboys From Hell and Vulgar Display of Power - but because of their highly derivative glam, power metal and thrash output, find it absurd that they'd be above Slayer, Exodus, Forbidden, Testament, Artillery, Destruction, and the list goes on and on and on...

Yes they are my favorite band yet for the best metal bands ever, they should be in the top 5. Pantera saved metal from pop and rap so there one of the best. They would have probably gotten back together if Dime was still alive.

Almost any thrash band can cover another thrash band's songs. It's a sign of respect, but it's stupidity personified to claim the song as you're own. You have to create the songs, and almost every band on this thread are lucky to even breathe the same air as Metallica at the height of their powers.

They need to be number one in comparison to the rest of these. The only reason Metallica is #1 is because they sold out and wrote songs that any regular jack off would enjoy. That disqualifies them in my opinion...

Lots of bluster, but where's Pantera's Kill 'em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, And Justice For All...Black album? Where's Pantera's genre they invented? Where's the impact and influence on almost every modern metal band - including Pantera? I like Pantera, but only a couple of their thrash albums.

No disrespect to the cowboys from hell album, but vulgar display of power changed metal more than any album or any band before or since, and followed that up with far beyond driven. two of the greatest metal records of all time in my opinion.

Attention Pantera fans: considering you think they're the best ever, make sure you fork out the $40 for their album Power Metal from the late 80's, plus their other glam albums before that. Wikipedia them, and as Maynard would say, 'Shut up and buy, buy, buy, send more money.'

Yes, Metal Magic was certainly that Projects in the Jungle belonged there In the Night should have rode off into it, and Power Metal was almost Power Metal. They sold-out and became a thrash band instead. Now there's a first...

I'm glad to see Pantera in the top 10. Pantera are true to their heaviness, making the next record heavier than the last. The big 4 got softer as they got older but Pantera stood strong to their genre of music. Long Live Pantera!