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Slipknot is an American Heavy Metal band formed in 1995 from Iowa. The band is best known as one of the pioneers of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal during the late 1990s - 2000s and are distinguishable by the band's clothing choices, consisting of black/red jumpsuits and horror inspired masks. more.


I love their style overall. The mood, tone, atmosphere, meanings, attitude, and why.

Not only are they a great band to listen to when you wanna get pumped or just wanna rock out, they are also an amazing band to be relative to what you've been through. They also don't give two about if you hate them or why. They do it to have fun and reach out. Yeah, even celebrities like to have fun guys. News flash. At the last night of summers last stand tour, they just did what they wanted. They call the fans family, cause they are all so similar. Not just the fans of slipknot, the fans of metal and meaningful songs.

They have only five albums, but they made a difference with them.

Slipknot definitely deserve to be recognized as among one of the greatest metal bands of all time they just haven't had enough time to be recognized as legends Slipknot in my opinion is the most misunderstood metal band by the metal community outside of slipknot fanbase. They have also been looked down upon by metal purists for being popular and are labelled a gimmick for they wearing masks and having nine members and their first album being released in time when Nu metal was at a high point. Although the first album had some influences in Nu metal slipknot has many influences. One thing that doesn't help for this misconception the fact the band Dj. Yes some songs that certainly were Nu metal such as "spit it out" and "only one" but it isn't fair to brand them Nu metal based of a couple of song.

Slipknots sound evolves with every album and the band consistently makes effort make every song song different and to give a different emotion. I believe that ...more

I haven't heard X Japan, but I can't believe Avenged Sevenfold is above Slipknot! All of Slipknot's members are so unbelievably talented because if most people tried to form a metal band with nine members, they wouldn't be able to combine that many instruments and make it sound NEARLY as good as Slipknot. Not only are the instrumentals excellent, the lyrics have so much depth, power, and meaning. I mean, I like Avenged Sevenfold ALRIGHT, but they're just ok. Maybe they're just not hard enough for me. But Slipknot certainly should not be number 6 on this list.

Slipknot is the best, they're not only the best metal band, but also the best band in the world. I used to hate metal but the moment I heard 'wait and bleed, I immediately became a fan of Slipknot. And no doubt, Corey Taylor is the best vocalist alive, hats off to his versatility. You just can't deny that they have taken metal to whole new level. Eyeless, Psychosocial, people=s***, Before I Forget, The Nameless, duality, wait and bleed, all these songs are epic and you just can't beat them.

Corey Taylor is an amazing vocalist. To b able to sing hard core slipknot songs like all hope is gone and pulse of the maggots then soft songs like snuff and vermillion part 2. Not o mention dominate a softer sound in his other group stone sour... yes I know there are other members and I have even met them in new Orleans before corey joined the band and they were mask free. Unheard of for the music only group and no vocals. they also put on an amazing live show but will say there sound has gotten tamer ever album they release but they are only following other greats from my time like Korn Marilyn Manson all that remains are they could b like tool and rage and just stop making albums. OK I'm done I guess you can tell my favorite is slipknot and corey Taylor is my future ex husband so maybe I'm a lil biased - Skunkpile

ALBUM 1. Slipknot - Hear this two songs wait and bleed and eyeless
ALBUM 2. IOWA - Hear this two songs - Left Behind and People s***
their best ALBUM - ALBUM 3. Vol 3 the subliminal Verses - hear this four songs Before I Forget, Duality, Pulse Of The Maggots, Vermillion.
And ALBUM 4. All Hope Is Gone - Hear This Four Songs - Snuff, Psychosocial, Sulfer and Dead Memories... Then You'll Find What Is Slipknot - shuvro

I feel slipknot has the highest energy level while performing compared with all others, they don't even come close to them, I feel sad that they are the most underrated metal band. the band has more talent than all of mentioned band combine here, just because they are little loud and expressive and on your face. the mask itself tells that they don't want a face to there music and nothing stops them from connecting with the deepest part of self in there fans

Slipknot is 100% better than all these bands. I like X Japan a little but Slipknot should still rank higher and Avenged Sevenfold shouldn't even be on the list. Slipknot brings emotion that no other band can bring in anyway possible. This list really shocks me. Slayer, Children of Bodom, Cradle of Filth, Korn and others should be way closer to the number one slot than a lot of other bands, and Metallica don't deserve the number one slot at all.

To be fair on Slipknot, despite their dreadful start on their disco-influenced debut plus derivative nu-metal origins, they certainly improved substantially on Subliminal Verses, All Hope Is Gone, and The Gray Chapter. Many of their fans prefer their prior material, but the definitely progressed musically on their latter 3 - and even dealt with a tragedy of their own, so kudos to them for that.

This is the best band ever, they have such a unique sound and their songs are meaningful and have extremely good lyrics, and the band members have such specific personalities they are just a masterpiece band making masterpiece music, mentioning they've helped me a lot through tough times too. They will always be the best band to me and I don't see how they wouldn't to anyone who's really looked into them

Should be higher. They have sick variety, between and even in songs. Song's like Left Behind really show the range of not only the great vocals from Corey, but also the instruments. Plus, they have amazing stage performance and really get the crowd going (which could be said for most bands anyway). RIP Paul, you are missed.

Slipknot is best band. They have many good songs. Before I forget is a grammy wining song and duality, snuff, sulfer, wait and bleed etc is just awesome. I also like avenged sevenfold but slipknot is my fvrt. Metallica, iron maiden, x japan is no compare to slipknot.

Even though I love Iron Maiden, Metallica and mostly all of the bands that are in the top 10, my vote goes to slipknot simply because it has a balance between angry and intense to a soft side which really just brings out how good they are. I know this probably makes no sense but hey I thought id share my opinion even though I can't explain it well.

Not saying they are the best metal band ever. That would be an unfair bias opinion, because they happen to be my favourite. But they have been an influence on so many new bands and have formed a branch of their own when it comes to metal/nu-metal. Variety, true emotion and one of the best live shows you could hope for are just a few of slipknot's redeeming qualities.

Early Slipknot sucked, but they got better as time wore on until they became extinct. Corey Taylor ceased a lot of the immature swearing, as well as the paradoxical lyrics that sounded like he wanted to screw his English teacher, and became a decent songwriter. How these guys are this high on the ladder is mystifying due to how gimmicky this fad of a band are.

So a nu-metal band wormed their way into the top ten metal bands list with only 5 albums to their name (excluding their disco-influenced 1996 release), and only two of them being above average. We truly live in wonderful times. The Kiss of the 2,000's.

Yes, once they lost the nu-metal influence and became the intelligent band they are on 'Subliminal Verses', true metal heads started to take notice. Hell, we gave them a Grammy for 'Before I Forget', so lose the masks and gain the intelligence and they'll make their claim. Their follow-up 'All Hope is Gone' is another step in the right direction.

I think this is a pretty solid list of metal bands, but my vote goes to Slipknot. I'm a 90's kid, and this band is the reason with I started to listen to metal and other similar genres. Today, they still continue to rock every damn arena in the world. I'm not saying that they are the greatest metal band of all time, but they surely are pretty close.

I saw a YouTube video of Hetfield wearing a Slipknot mask during a show at one of their concerts, and he threw it off in disgust, saying how could someone play an entire show playing in that stinking thinking. He was only teasing you, Slipknot fans. He always did have a sense of humour. He and Ulrich used to tease Slayer's Satanism, too.

2nd best band to my opinion, them and disturbed (and also Metallica) are the only bands that can make people listen to metal, it makes them love it, my friends all listen to them, I have a few friends that hate metal, but all others love it. I have loved these 2 bands since I was 4, I am 16 now, and they are and always will be my favorite metal bands.

18th? THESE GUYS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! Corey Taylor's vocals are amazing, Joey Jordison's drums are insane, Mick Thompson's guitar is amazing. They have songs like Sulfur, Psychosocial, Wait And Bleed, Disasterpiece, Snuff, Dead Memories and Before I Forget. My overall favourite band of all time.

I love Slipknot more then any band! I was born in 85 so I wasn't really old enough to understand the 80's Metallica or any Metal bands from that era yes I do like the 80's bands.. but I was 11/12 when Korn and Slipknot came into my life and they will always be my 1 and 2! Slipknot is the Best Metal band of the 2000's by far in my opinion!

Exodus, from Bonded by Blood, Pleasures of the Flesh, Fabulous Disaster thru to the venomous Tempo of the Damned own Slipknot for sheer brutality and aggression - and not a gimmick in sight, either. There shows were the most violent in metal history, and that includes Slayer shows.

I feel guilty voting my favorite band when I should've voted for Slayer. Oh, btw.. I love A7x but it shouldn't be in the top 10. I only voted for Slipknot because of the lyrics behind their (deep) songs. Not to mention the talent

Honestly I have heard the rest of the list and I really things that slipknot is not the 9th because of their Epic guitar riffs, Epic Lyrics and epic messages in the songs. Of course Metallica, Iron Maiden and Megadeth are my favorite Metal bands but Slipknot kick Avenged Sevenfold and Slayer in the ass.