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Tool is an American progressive/alternative metal band, that was formed in 1990. more.


Anger, Inner Being, and the true love of craft come together into this incredible creation. Maynard, with a voice of an angel, Danny Carey, with his bewitching drums, Justin Chancellor, with his mysterious and menacing bass, and Adam Jones, with his wailing and mournful guitar, make up this four headed monster that is Tool. And they have perhaps made the most perfect album ever, the sonically revealing Lateralus. It is, to this day, the only album I have ever been able to feel enlightened and elated listening to.

What Tool have done for me surpasses what any artist has ever produced. Maybe they don't get enough credit or recognition. Than again, I don't think they want it, which only adds to the respect I have for them. It has been and always will be Tool, by Tool, for Tool. I'm sure they're grateful to their fans, but I believe they do it for the love of creating art, no more and no less. If they climb any higher on this list it only means Tool fans have more numbers and solidarity than previously thought. That knowledge alone is probably the only good thing that can come from these popularity contests.

Hypothetically, let's say both Tool and Metallica are metal bands. I personally don't think the latter is, but they have won metal accolades. I think it would be fair to say they are both the greatest progressive metal bands of all time, and are borderline undefinable, and are in fact spiritual cousins. Tool cite Tori Amos and Janis Joplin, whilst Metallica cite Lou Reed, Nick Cave etc. Tool just have the luxury of not being so damn famous and remain beyond criticism unlike the fan boy mentality that undermines Metallica's greatness.

Not only the best metal band ever, but, in my opinion, the greatest rock band in the world right now. Their sense of dynamics, texture, and intrigue are a thing of wonder, as is the technical prowess of its all-star lineup. Between Justin Chancellor's mysterious bass riffs, Adam Jones' powerful guitar playing, Maynard James Keenan's emotionally charged singing, and Danny Carey's undescribable drumming, the band delivers on all front. And, with songs such as Lateralus, Ænema, and Rosetta Stoned, they have written some of the most original, and beautiful metal songs ever. Peace out, and love the music.

Metallica and Tool are the two greatest bands of all time - and that includes every band, whether metal or otherwise. What Metallica did that Tool didn't was beat them to the punch. What Tool did that Metallica didn't was intentionally control their fame. Metallica are too big, which makes them an easy target. Two very different bands stylistically, but very connected in some intrinsic way.

Tool's new album should be entitled 'Tissues For Issues' because I'm a die-hard fan, and I take their moving music and lyrics seriously, because I've loved them since day one, yet MJK says that Tool fans take them and their music too seriously. It's enough to make me crawl thru a river of snot just to beg these guys to, to, to, MAKE ANOTHER BLOODY ALBUM! And throw a double live dvd in there, too, and I won't ask anything more of you guys. Hell, make a concept album about my constant whining, but just 'shut up and write, write, write, a new record'.

These guys are pretty much the Led Zeppelin of the 90s. Hate all you want for comparing Tool to Zeppelin but like Zeppelin, Tool's songs were complex and had a lot of meaning to them. They were musical geniuses. Songs like Lateralus, Sober, Schism and so on were all amazing. I hope Tool and System of a Down come back soon because Asking Alexandria is gonna kill metal music.

Even though Adam Jones himself has gone on record as saying he hates being considered "metal," it's no doubt Tool should be number one. Arguably the greatest band of all time, only Rush, Dream Theater, and few others can rival the complexity and texture behind Tool's music. Tool is by far the most intelligent music with the most intelligent musical fanbase out there.

Of course everyone loves Tool. They're first 5 are as good as Metallica's, Megadeth's, Slayer's, Anthrax's, Testament's...but when you don't release an album for a decade, people get tired of waiting. And for the music they write, they are immense. I think they.'re worth $75,000,000, and they write 8-minute prog/heavy stuff. How many bands can do that, bar Metallica's most uncompromising first 5?

Tool is one of the most talented and original bands of all time, of course my favourite ones would be Metallica or Iron Maiden but I noticed bands like Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold and System of a Down are on the top ten, when actual talented and awesome bands like Tool, Motörhead, Dream Theater, Anthrax, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Opeth, Manowar, who deserve to be higher than those bands are on awfull positions, please don't vote for stuff like Bullet for my Valentine, Linkin Park, All That Remains or The Devil Wears Prada, you may like them but they don't have the history that a band like Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin has and they are higher, seriously? Without those two bands and Black Sabbath metal wouldn't even exist.. so please vote for important and talented metal bands, not for emo easy making stuff, that can be good but not epic

Seriously? Avenged Sevenfold? Bullet for my Valentine? Linkin Park? Disturbed? All of those bands are seriously mediocre. To borrow from Percy Jackson, Tool is one of the Big 3 of music along with Metallica and Black Sabbath.

First, Tool aren't a metal band, they're a progressive rock band. Second, they are immensely popular for what they do, and only Metallica's unprecedented success of their first 5 progressive thrash albums bests Tool so far as 7-minute un-commerciality goes. Tool belong on a different thread, but I'm glad they're on here.

An unintelligent Tool fan would give credence to Avenged Sevenfold or Slipknot being superior to Tool. First, Tool don't belong on this list. Second, do you think MJK and co. care about their position on a heavy metal thread? Three, if it's a popularity quest for you as a Tool fan, then you're missing the whole point of the band as a whole. You need to understand that they're inadvertently successful, and nothing about them was contrived or designed for commercial success, it just happened. If you're not an intelligent Tool fan then you're not a Tool fan, just a mere fanboy.

Tool are the only band to come close to rivalling Metallica's first 5 albums. Pity they're not a metal band, but a prog rock band, so Metallica stand head and shoulders above everyone still, whilst Tool are operating on skeleton staff - if at all. Long live the Lords of Summer.

It's because they're not metal, that's why. They're one of the greatest progressive rock bands ever created - probably the greatest - but do they even exist anymore? Talk about leaving your fans in the lurch for a decade. It's downright disrespectful and pretentious.

16? Most of the bands above are a bunch of scene bands. Only Metal band which beat them in my opinion is Karnivool (I'm an Aussie) and they aren't even on the list! What's wrong with you people? Makes me embarrassed, Art Metal for the win.

Simply put one of the best progressive metal band of all time, both in terms of music and lyrics. Tool hates humanity, Tool hates society and Tool makes cold well-constructed music as a way to smite us with this very hate. Every album has a meaning.

Because they're a heavy prog rock outfit who refuse to release any new material. I'm going to call it here and now: Tool and A Perfect Circle no longer exist and all you can do is tiresomely regurgitate their back catalogue from a decade ago.

Though they are mainly metal/prog-metal, with some effort on alt metal and alt rock tunes. They deserve to be higher on the list. Not the most guitar heavy band but thoughtful and powerful songs better than some above them on this list. - matthewNS

Calm down... I am just 17 and I know how dumb people can be... Tool is simply one of the best.. But people who voted here are into feel food songs like what Bullet For my Valentine makes... The masses are dumb

Tool is profound and amazing and complex and intelligent and deserves number one but will never get it in this anti-intellectual society that Tool unsurprisingly talks about so much in their music

They are like metal's version of Pink Floyd - ryanrimmel

It is the height of metal vanity to claim the greatest progressive rock band of all time as their own, and the height of disrespect to belittle Metallica, the greatest metal band of all time.

What the hell has happened if Tool are number #20! Seriously people I'm not even a big Metal listener and I can already tell Tool are a lot better than most of the bands in this list...

Really, you can tell without even listening to the other bands

How you can't vote for a band with one of the most renown lead singers, arguably the greatest drummer of all time, and the classic songs makes no sense to me. Tool makes kick-ass music, and makes them well. Sure, they are a very complex metal band, but that's what makes them amazing. best musicians overall by a metal band=Tool