Top Ten Best Metal Church Albums

Metal Church is a very underrated band. They're from the 80's-present and are amazing. They don't even have more than a best songs list on this site, so I figured I'd make sure this site pays attention to them by making another list. If you are a metalhead, no matter what kind (thrash, heavy, death, etc.), I guarantee you will be pleasantly suprised when you listen to them or your money back.

The Top Ten

1 The Dark

The Dark edges it's predecessor slightly in my book. Better writing and production with a thrashier delivery. This one has always been my favorite. RIP David Wayne - Relixx599

Great album. Have it on original vinyl. Blessing in Disguise was my intro to Metal Church which I still have the original CD. Under rated band for sure.

It has "Start The Fire"on it. Do I really need to say anything else?

There are only two great Metal Church albums - this one, and their debut. It's hard to split the two, but the darker production, and the all-killer no-filler attitude of 'The Dark' is where it's at. The late David Wayne delivers one of the greatest vocal displays in metal history, and they, like Death Angel, could have been anything...

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2 Metal Church

Who can deny it, their first album was a classic and a true masterpiece with songs like Metal Church, Beyond the Black, Gods of Wrath, and more. - Songsta41

Unquestionably their best album

3 Blessing In Disguise

There best song in my opinion is on this album, anthem to the estranged is an underrated metal epic!

This album is good from first 'till last song. - pruvet

I think this gives MC and TD a run for their money.

4 The Human Factor
5 Hanging in the Balance

One of the most brilliant, misunderstood and underrated albums in metal history. - Caleb9000

This is the most creative album cover for a cool band

Amazing album

Hang in there...

Too Fat To Balance Haha

6 Masterpeace
7 Generation Nothing

Their 2013 album. It's not from when metal was at its prime but Metal Church never left theirs. This is an amazing album with mulitple mind blowing songs. - Songsta41

8 XI
9 This Present Wasteland
10 The Weight of the World

The Contenders

11 A Light in the Dark
12 Gods of Wrath
13 Damned If You Do
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1. Hanging in the Balance
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1. Metal Church
2. The Dark
3. Masterpeace
1. Metal Church
2. The Dark
3. Generation Nothing

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