Who Did It Better? Episode 1: Hellraiser

christangrant Welcome to a new series im going to do where we are going to talk about Who Did It Better? now this could apply to any song like Covers or songs with simular song titles so today we will be seeing who did the song "Hellraiser" better.
Hellraiser is a song that was written by Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde and the legend himself, Lemmy Kilmister this song was recorded by Ozzy Osbourne for his album "No More Tears" in 1991 and it was also recorded by Motorhead for their album "March or Die" in 1992. Both versions of this song feature the same lyrics so here we will be focusing on the preformances of the instrumental and vocals of the song to see which one is the true "Hellraiser"
Anyway here are the lyrics of the song before we determine who did the instrumental and vocals better.

"I'm living on an endless road"
"Around the world for rock and roll"
"Sometimes it feels so tough"
"But I still ain't had enough"
"I keep saying that it's getting too much"
"But I know I'm a liar"
"Feeling all right in the noise and the light"
"But that's what lights my fire"
"Hellraiser, in the thunder and heat"
"Hellraiser, rock you back in your seat"
"Hellraiser, and I'll make it come true"
"Hellraiser, I'll put a spell on you"
"Walking out on another stage"
"Another town, another place"
"Sometimes I don't feel right"
"Nerves wound up too damn tight"
"People keep telling me it's bad for my health"
"But kicking back don't make it"
"Out of control, I play the ultimate role"
"But that's what lights my fire"

"I'm living on an endless road"
"Around the world for rock and roll"
"Sometimes it feels so tough"
"But I still ain't had enough"
"Feeling all right in the noise and the light"
"But that's what lights my fire"

Those are pretty good lyrics but thats not what i am mainly focusing on. And now lets get on to the Instrumentals

The Instumental

So who did the Instrumental better you may ask? well both Ozzy and Motorheads version feature a very simular riff. both have good riffs in them. However that being said the Motorhead version you can hear Lemmys bass more clearly but Ozzys Version has a great sound to it because its Zakk Wyldes great guitar Playing and plus it has a better solo than the Motorhead version. Overall the only thing the Motorhead version has over the Ozzy version is the more audible bass but thats enough to compete with Zakk Wyldes guitar playing.

The Vocals

Now this will determine if the Ozzy version is totally superior to the Motorhead version is the vocal preformance. Now Lemmy as we know is a great Bassist But as a vocalist he isn't the greatest ever and this song is definatly not one of his best vocal preformances whereas Ozzy version has great vocals from Ozzy Osbourne yeah this might be one of his best vocal preformances which means by now you know which version won.

And now we ask Who Did It Better?

Answer: Ozzy Osbourne

While the Motorhead version is also a great song the only thing about it that makes it better than Ozzy's version is the more audible Bass from Lemmy but other than that Ozzy's version is superior in pretty much everything else however this is just my opinion if you like the Motorhead version better thats fine by me because i like both versions but i like Ozzy's more so anyway thanks for reading this post and leave a comment if you want to.


Lemmy Kilmister: "I made more money out of writing those four songs for Ozzy than I made out of fifteen years of Motörhead - ludicrous, isn’t it! " - Metal_Treasure

Well Lemmy was right lol - christangrant

Yep...I agree, Ozzy did it better - Ananya

I disagree, I prefer the Motörhead version. - visitor

Good post - Pokemonfan10