Top 10 Metal Drummers from Nordic European Countries

Nordic countries include the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden), Finland, and Iceland.

I wasn't sure whether to include Opeth drummers because their status is a bit complicated:
- Anders Nordin is actually a Brazilian adopted by Swedish parents.
- Martin Lopez was born in Sweden to Uruguayan parents, who later moved to Uruguay, then back to Sweden...

The Top Ten

1 Tomas Haake Tomas Haake Tomas Haake is a Swedish drummer and main songwriter of the experimental metal band Meshuggah. He is known for his polyrhythms and technical ability. In 2012, he was named the 5th best Modern Metal drummer by He was named the number one drummer in the "Metal" category, in the July 2008 more.
2 Daniel Erlandsson Daniel Erlandsson

Arch Enemy, ex- Carcass - Metal_Treasure

3 Jaska Raatikainen Jaska Raatikainen

In Children of Bodom since 1997, founding member (both Alexi and Jaska were 14 yo) - Metal_Treasure

4 Fredrik Andersson Fredrik Andersson

Amon Amarth (1998-2015), during their breakthrough era - Metal_Treasure

5 Anders Jivarp Anders Jivarp

Dark Tranquillity (1991-present) - Metal_Treasure

6 Adrian Erlandsson

At the Gates, Paradise Lost, The Haunted, and more.
He's Daniel Erlandsson's brother (Daniel is Arch Enemy's drummer) - Metal_Treasure

7 Mikkey Dee Mikkey Dee Micael Kiriakos Delaoglou, known better by his stage name Mikkey Dee, is a Greek-Swedish rock musician.

He is a half-Greek Swedish-born drummer (King Diamond, 1985-1989)
King Diamond and Lemmy Kilmister stated that Mikkey Dee is the greatest drummer in the world. I wouldn't agree with this but it shows Mikkey Dee is an acclaimed drummer. - Metal_Treasure

8 Daniel Mullback

Sabaton (2001-2012) - Metal_Treasure

9 Kim Ruzz

Mercyful Fate (1981-1985) - Metal_Treasure

10 Tommy Portimo

Sonata Arctica's only drummer since 1998 (20 years) - Metal_Treasure

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