Top Ten Metal Fight Bladers

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1 Ryuga

Well, I really must say, Ryuga was neither a friend or an enemy to Gingka, but he isn't truly on the bad side. He wanted to become the best blader, like everybody. He may have been many blader's true rival because of his strength and seemed to always be in a bad mood. I think that he was loyal to the legendary bladers even if he was a loner like Kyoya.

Unbeatable! The Dragon Emperor Cannot be beaten.

You should also put him number1 - Aaditya

He was never really "good" or "bad." It's later revealed that all he wanted was for him to be the best blader ever.

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2 Gingka Hagane

He has the power of all the bladers in 4d. Gingka Hagane deserves to be number 1. And ryuga is beaten by nemesis in 4d

I'm not a metal fight fan but he is the best in the first-fourth!

I like this guy

No, if any blader contains the power of whole beys in the world like ryuga,gingka and kyoya it would defeat nemisis

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3 Kyoya Tategami

He had two double knockouts with gingka

I am not telling that leone and kyoya is weak but if he contain the powerful beys like l draco and pegasus and worked to hard like with leone so you cannot even you think think how powerful is kyoya

4 Rago

It took every legendary blader to barley defeat him and easily defeated ryuga.

Ginnga is a cheater he took power from the whole world beyblades

5 Chris

Really awesome smart really strong blader

6 King

Variaties rocks and he is super strong and he defeated masamune!

7 Julian Konzern
8 Masamune Kadoya

Masamune is very good and strong. He aims to be nuber ONE!

I thing that he is very good blader


he's lit

9 Tithi
10 Damian Hart

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11 Kenta Yumia

He's a lucky boy and beautyful bey

12 Aguma
13 Tsubasa Otori
14 Sayko
15 Yu Tendo
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