Top Ten Metal Fury Beys

The Top Ten Metal Fury Beys

1 Big Bang Pegasis

I think yes big bang pegasus is the strongest of all number 1 big bang pegasus but when gingka fully understand big band pegasus then ryuga l drago sucks

Big bang pegasus is a strong Beyblade and it has a four modes omnidirectional. Upper. Smash and barrage and when it loses spin it change to rubber flat it defeats all my Beyblades

Its cosmic tornado is unstoppable and unbeatable. Its 4 modes are very strong

FINAL DRIVE amazing attack power

2 L Drago Destroy

Even when it's not amazing it's the BEST people

It is the best

East or west ldrago is the most best

Ldrago can defeat peagasis that jhandu nemesis

3 Diablo Nemesis

I love diablo nemesis because in is very strong

Diablo is the best bet on planet earth but I have doubts it can defeat twisted tempo

Good performance tip and cool hyper-blades. It also has a large spin track

Hey you bloody cheat how dare you make it fourth?

4 L Drago Generation

L drago destroy it same

L drago rockxxx no one in this world can even dare to challenge rayuga because he have the 99% accuracy of winning. He almost battle 1000-1200 battles but only defeated in 2 battles this makes him the great

All the l dragos are so cool and they mostly win!

5 Phantom Orion B:D

Phantom Orion is the best it can just spin for 7 min if you don't launch other beys

The best Stamina Type in the world!

It can spin for 7:35, so awesome!

Awesome bey. It has a lot of stamina

6 Variares D:D
7 Cosmic Pegasus F:D

Rubbish in defense stadium. BEAST in attack

8 Blitz Unicorno

It's the best and with reverse rotation it can damage the stadium or crack other beys even twisted and earth

You might say its rubbish but its actually like the 3rd best attack bey in fury


9 Mercury Anubius

Because of his attack his just too cool

It is boring make it on 7th place

He is the best bey he break into piecis my l drago

This is too too too much powerful then l drago dructor, comic pegsis, meteo l drago, galaxy pegises, ray striker all Beyblade thanks :-), -) :-? :-!

10 Cosmic Pegasus

Cosmic pegasus is 1. he the bey that sled Nemesis you know. so you should not call him weak!

Cosmic Pegasus beat mercury Anubis. so Pegasus should be in #1

Cosmic Pegasus is strong. Don't even think about calling it weak. - mew

Don't ever call it bad ever again it is awesome and has the star fragment

The Contenders

11 Flame Byxis

Flame byxis is just out of power its tall spin track helps it deflect attack well nearly.

Flame byxis is a really really strong bey and is one of my favourites but some beys like hades kerbecs and phantom orion can defeat it.

12 Hades Kerbecs

Hades kerbecs is too cool because of his spin track BD145 it can nearly smack out any bey.

13 Phantom Orion

I too have it and it rocks


Phantom Orion is the coolest and best beyblade ever. It can defeat just any beyblade. I have it and it defeated all of my beyblades. It is a must buy. PS- Only the Takara Tomy version is hard to beat

It is the best bey in the world

14 Variares

He is One of The best new ERA Beys. Can Chance 3 mods and The yellow "Spikes" are PREMIUM :D

He beat every bey iv'e got and iv'e got 101

Vari areas rocks. I was selected the second powerful blader in the class with variareas.

15 Twisted Tempo

Twisted tempo is just mad its defense nearly murks any bey

Best bey in the world I win every bey match

16 Death Quetzalcoatl

Should be in coolest list.

Attack power rocks and it beat my phantom orion and vari ares

17 Diablo Nemesis X:D
18 Earth Eagle

He beat everyone of my beys, he even beat 2 of my beys at the same time! His spin track helps it with upper attacks. When launched, it's not like pegasus or l-drago where they go crazy and destroy themselves and do not do barley any damage to any other beys

Awesome bey in the world

I just can't say how good

19 L-Drago Destructor F:S

Super Attack Bey, I Like the 4d bottom F:S

20 Flash Sagittario 230WD

The strongest stamina type in the world! :]

21 Jade Jupiter S130RB
22 Fang Leone 130W2D
23 Fang Leone

That guy is wrong, my fang leone often gets beat by my storm pegasus and send it flying over the stadium, but I still like it thought because it is cool!

I have leone and he beat every bey I have.

Fang leone is #1! Even though some don't agree, he should be top 5 or better. He beat my meteo ldrago, galaxy Pegasus, earth eagle, phantom Orion, and ldrago destroy (destructor) in one run. Leone was launched first + he beat them 1 by 1 which meant they couldn't have destroyed each other.

24 Burn Fireblaze

Its stamina is like the best

25 Jade Jupiter
26 Scythe Kronos

Good stamina and defense

27 Hell Crown
28 Rock Zurafa
29 Scythe Kronos T125EDS

It beats even phantom orion and mercury anibus

30 Blitz Striker 100RSF
31 Duo Uranus 230WD

This Beyblade rocks it kicked my cousins blitz striker out of the stadium:-)

32 Fusion Hades AD145SWD

Great bey it is super cool and really strong when in defense mode. I one 2 bey tournaments with this bey

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