Top Ten Metal Fusion and Masters Beys

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1 Burn Fireblaze

Burn is the best he beat all my beys even my l-drago lightning!

2 Rock Leone

It's a defense type Beyblade that has a lot of stamina by its great defense it can even be compared to earth eagle

I love rock leone! I have it and it defeated my L-Drago (Meteo)! So bizarre. So I'm still sad in the show and in real life Peguses still can beat leone=(! GO GO GO GO ROCK LEONE!

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3 Flame Libra
4 Earth Eagle

He will outlast anyone and his fusion wheel has iron defense

People say this can't defeat twisted tempo but it can and anyone who says it can't is dumb even though tempo is a good bey this is better

Earth Eagle can beat Hades Kerbecs and Twisted Tempo. Earth Eagle ROCKS!

I defeat 80 Beyblades by my eagle

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5 Big Bang Pegasus

It is the best bey ever because of the final drive tip.

6 Twisted Tempo

It rocks dude! I do not know what they are saying about earth eagle can defeat twisted tempo but I know it is a lie

His ridges grind away any beyblade's spin completely

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7 L-Drago destroy

I have a L Drago destroy and its cool looking and I love the three dragon heads around and the stickers on it are dragons breathing out a red fire its really awesome too

By Syed Muhammad ali

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8 Meteo L-Drago

Why is meteo in 9th place?!? It could even break the metal on earth eagle!

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9 Hades Kerbecs

Hades kerbecs is amazing because it can change modes and one mode molds the fusion wheel and the spin track together making hades have 5 star attack and defense power!

Boost mode will never let you down it has solid defense clean offense and a stream of stamina

So awesome it defeated 40 beys of my friends with an attack no joke I have it vote for it

Amazing he beats my Leone my variares

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10 Rock Zurafa

The Contenders

11 Evil Befall

EWD has awesome stamina and balance UW145's upper wings give a ton of stamina

12 Flame Byxis

The track will keep you from taking much damage

13 Earth Virgo

Earth Virgo is the best bey EVER! The people who voted it 8th is stupid! No mater what they say, it is AWESOME!

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14 Thermal Pisces

Thermal pisces won my blade bowl playoffs beating earth eagle in the quarter finals, burn fireblaze in the semi finals and upset defending champion earth wolf last season. This season they started out strong winning their first North American cup title beating surprise finalist rock zurafa in the twenty man tournament. They started out 7wins and 4 losses in the western confrence of the national Beyblade league but lost five straight to finish 7-9 and out of the blade bowl tournament. They qualified as a wild card though thanks to their N.A. cup championship, but lost to earth eagle in wild card round

15 Phantom Orion

This beyblade can spin for up to about 7 minutes! It has amazing Stamina with it's 4D Tip that resembles a free spinning flat WD/W2D! It is truly a Beyblade worth buying and can beat all of the beys on this list. Orion is great for attack, Phantom is good for Stamina, and B is great in Stamina and in a Zero G stadium, B rules also in attack and defense!

Its awesome! It beat almost every bey! Also this bey can even spin in water!

Awesome! It spins for 7 mins because there's a bearing in the 4d bottom

16 Strata Dragoon

He is not in Beyblade metal fusion metal masters or metal fury ether

17 Ray Gil
18 Scythe Kronos
19 Galaxy Pegasis
20 Diablo Nemesis

Diablo is the god of destruction!

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