Top Ten Metal Genres That Need to Happen


The Top Ten

1 Jazz Metal

Well, on a similar note, there is symphonic metal. However, I could see that working out pretty nicely. - Songsta41

Yeah that be so cool

2 R&M (Rhythm & Metal)

That would be cool

3 Reggae Metal
4 Metal-Step

A mix of heavy metal and dub step. That might be good.

5 Noise Metal
6 Salsa Metal

Mexican dancing with head banging of metal. Awesome.

7 Country Metal

Might happen to be inspired by country rock.

This exsists

8 Surf Metal
9 Heartland Metal
10 Tribal Metal

Kind of exists thanks to Roots by Sepultura. - Metalhead1997

The Contenders

11 Psychedelic Black Metal

This needs to happen!

12 Zalgoist Black Pasta Metal

A subgenre I made up just basically black metal with creepypasta themed lyrics and worships zalgo instead of satan - countnightdark13

13 Zelda Folk Metal

A genre like this would be a good idea - countnightdark13

14 Rock Metal

That already exists, it's called metal. All subgenres. - Songsta41

15 Metal-Stomp
16 Blackened Nu Death Metal
17 Jazz Thrash Metal
18 Pagan'Roll
19 Orchestral Doom Metal
20 Symphonic Heavy Metal
21 Technical Trap Metal
22 Doom Djent
23 Neo Power Metal
24 Industrial Kuwaai Metal
25 Creepypasta Ambient Black Metal
26 Oriental Metal
27 Powergrind
28 Symphonic Thrash Metal

S&M by Metallica is close to this. I liked it. - Metal_Treasure

29 Ghost Metal

This is actually a genre Nicolas Cage's son is trying to invent. It already sounds cool so make it happen!

30 Cloud Metal

Metal with influences from cloud rap.

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