Top 10 Metal Guitar Models

Regardless of the brand. These are the guitars that helped shape the foundation of heavy metal history from then to now.

The Top Ten

1 Gibson SG

Gibson SG has the looks that stun people, the second you look at one you will envy it. Excellent sound and playability! And if you get the SG standard you have an American made guitar.

Angus Young Model, high output pickups in the bridge gives the guitar that hot "pick up everything" type tone. It's almost as if the humbucker adds for over drive to the amp.

2 Gibson Explorer
3 Gibson Flying V

From Hendrix to hammett this guitar has been used so it deserves number 1

4 Ibanez RG Series

The legendary superstrat hell bent on raw power and aggression. - aeromaxx777

5 Fender Stratocaster
6 Jackson King V

The shred guitar from hell is locked and loaded to kick ass metal style - aeromaxx777

7 B.C. Rich Warlock
8 Ibanez S Series
9 Dean DIME Series

They have amazing show power and sick shreding is capibale with this axe

10 Jackson Rhoads

The Contenders

11 Schecter Hellraiser
12 Schecter Synyster Gates Custom-S
13 B.C. Rich Mockingbird
14 Gibson Les Paul

Not sure about Les Paul but from some reviews I have noticed it sounds like more hard rock/blues than metal. Though there are metal guitarists who used Les Paul. - zxm

15 Ibanez Iceman
16 B.C. Rich Draco
17 Ibanez Darkstone
18 Ibanez Falchion
19 B.C. Rich Warbeast
20 Ibanez Glaive
21 Ibanez Roadcore
22 Martin D45
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