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41 Walk - Pantera
42 Holy Diver - Dio

Also a beautiful song - Morbid_Deth

Should be way higher

Why this is so low?

43 Kissing the Shadows - Children of Bodom

This is one of the best metal solos I've heard so far. In my openion it should be ranked much more above than 18. Great Job Children Of Bodom!
Keep up the great work...

44 Son of Lilith - Coroner

The rhythm and drums are so slick when they're backing the solo

45 Alexander the Great - Iron Maiden

Everybody should know about this solo! Especially the Dave Murray One!

This solo is so underrated. Better than powerslave id say.

46 Iced Earth - Iced Earth
47 Aces High - Iron Maiden

very good

48 Strike - Primal Fear

Awesome twin lead guitars, harmonies. Fast, long and melodic solo. - Metal_Treasure

49 Only for the Weak - In Flames

How the hell isn't this song mentioned yet, come on people, this is one of the most melodic solos there exists. You can feel the emotion as the solo runs through your vein, it's just EPIC.

If u say u r a 🤘Head, u should vote for this masterpiece! - ShahryRKnoT

50 Trail of Tears - Testament
51 Ride The Sky - Helloween

Really fast crazy solo by Kai Hansen

52 Stranger in a Strange Land - Iron Maiden
53 Hell Patrol - Judas Priest
54 A Moment of Clarity - Death

Chuck schuldiner is a GOD of metal. Not because he created death metal, but because is music evolved every time. A moment of clarity is a very emotional song and the solo is epic!

Such an underrated song, and even an underrated band compared to bands at the top like Megadeth, Metallica, Maiden, etc. This is one of the most emotional solos I've ever heard and you can just really feel Chuck when you hear it. RIP Chuck

The funniest thing of this list is that Chuck schuldiner's 'A Moment of Clarity' is sitting on 50th spot. Come on guys, listen to it then choose to vote it or not.

Best metal solos list and Chuck Schuldiner isn't even in the top 10. That's an absolute shame, he was one of the greatest metal guitarists of all time.

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55 Ride the Lightning - Metallica

I can feel the lightning coursing through my body with the end of the solo in this one. Unparalleled by any other song.

its good

56 Sudden Death - Megadeth

This... is AMAZING!

The most underrated song in all of

57 Banish From Sanctuary - Blind Guardian

a great solo by this epic band. Crazy fast and aggressive song. - Metal_Treasure

58 December Flower - In Flames

No matter what country your from, this guitar solo covers all nations everywhere. It's a fiery solo that brings chills down your spine. Listen to it, and let it sink into your soul

Best metal solo ever. Better Than tornado!

Amazing solo, very memorable.

59 This Godless Endeavor - Nevermore
60 Are You Dead Yet? - Children of Bodom
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