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81 Never, Ever - HammerFall
82 Entrance of the Conflagration - Trivium
83 The Unforgiven - Metallica

Rock rock meatl rock for life!

84 Lucretia - Megadeth

Most technical Marty Friedman's solo in Megadeth, way harder than Tornado of Soul or Holy wars. Soulful, heavy, amazing. No more words can define this solo.

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85 Wasted Years - Iron Maiden

Only Iron Maiden make best guitar solos... Listen to the solos of HALLOWED BE THY NAME, ACES HIGH,

I'm surprised wasted years isn't in the top 10

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86 Unholy Warcry - Rhapsody

Not a very popular band (yet), but this guitar solo is MINDBLOWING! This inspired me to pick up a guitar.

87 Stricken - Disturbed
88 Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden

Why the hell wasn't this already on the list?


89 Fermented Offal Discharge - Necrophagist

Nothing will ever beat muhammad's sheer godliness

90 Embers Fire - Paradise Lost
91 Without Judgement - Death

How can you forgot this one? The lead king of death metal Mr. Chuck amazing guitarist deserves to be here

92 Hail and Kill - Manowar

Ripping off into the stratosphere with your hair caught in my belt - solo

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93 Am I Evil? - Metallica
94 Evil In You - Kalmah
95 Heroes of Our Time - Dragonforce

The melody of extreme power metel, form Herman li and Sam tottman. They're having the best solos

96 Twisted Truth - Pestilence

Perfect minmalism, composition and feeling in both soli. Especially the second.

97 Bark at the Moon - Ozzy Osbourne
98 Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold
99 Gates of Babylon - Rainbow V 1 Comment
100 The Last Baron - Mastodon
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