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121 Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce

Don't know if this is the fastest solo ever. But gotta admit, this has speed! Both on strumming and chord progressing. - zxm

The fastest solo ever

Could not be better

I do't believe that this is not in top ten listen to it and you will understand

122 Fool Like You - Ozzy Osbourne

Not the most well-known Ozzy song, but one of the best! Best solo Jake E. Lee ever wrote, tops even Bark at the Moon

123 The Judas Kiss - Metallica

Well, this solo actually has two parts because of the "Judas Lives" bridge, but the solo is great.

124 Chupacabra - Cage

Perfect guitar solo and heaven for your ears!

125 The Unforgiven II - Metallica

I like the third's more. - zxm

Awesome guitar solo and lyrics
Should be in the top position

126 Saxon - Princess of the Night
127 Peephole - System of a Down
128 My Last Words - Megadeth

Seriously amazing

129 Helloween - Halloween
130 You Suffer - Napalm Death
131 Electric Crown - Testament

Alex Skolnick is such a great guitarist. This song shows his skill and melodic taste. I never get tired of this song.

132 Tunnel of Pain - Coroner
133 The Fun Palace - Annihilator
134 Word Salad - Annihilator
135 Dancing Dead - Avenged Sevenfold
136 Schizos (Are Never Alone) - Annihilator
137 Alias - In Flames

Just one word, EPIC.

138 Morphogenesis - Scar Symmetry
139 They Will Return - Kalmah
140 Over the Mountain - Ozzy Osbourne

Randy Rhodes blazed on this song! He get's my vote and nobody can stop me!

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