Best Metal/Hard Rock Fan Base Names


The Top Ten

1 Maggots (Slipknot)
2 Metal Mulisha (Slayer)
3 The Slave Pit (Gwar)
4 Blast Fiends (The Black Dahlia Murder)
5 The Maggot Colony (Early Cannibal Corpse)
6 Deathbat Nation (Avenged Sevenfold)
7 Deadheads (Grateful Dead)

Even though they're not metal or hard rock, I voted for Deadheads. Not because it's the "best" fan base name, just the most iconic. - THC13

8 BVB Army (Black Veil Brides)

I hate this band! But cool name for a fan base to be honest. But I hate this band! - Mikbiter15

9 Metallica Family (Metallica)

It has the word family in it that's enough

10 Metal Maniacs (Judas Priest)

The Contenders

11 Citizens of Avatar Country (Avatar)
12 The KISS Army (KISS)
13 The Horde (Cannibal Corpse)

This is not their fanbase, it’s just a World of Warcraft inside joke between corpsegrinder and his fans. - Mikbiter15

14 Rushers (Rush)
15 Knuckleheads (Five Finger Death Punch)
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