Top 10 Metal Instrumentals Of the 2010s


The Top Ten

1 Wheel of Time (Orchestral Version) - Blind Guardian

2010. A bonus track.
This is an instrumental version of their critically acclaimed song Wheel of Time. Actually it's the instrumental track to the song, just without vox. It's nearly 9 minutes long (08:55).
This instrumental piece is a celebration of epicness, perfectionism and attention to detail in the art of music composition. When the instrumental tracks to your songs sound like impressive finished pieces, you know you are great. And the Orchestral Version was only a bonus track. - Metal_Treasure

2 Cretaceous Chasm - Blotted Science

Nearly 4 minutes of heavy, technical and jaw-dropping playing. That's not easy listening though.

Blotted Science are the most brutally technical metal band in existence headed by guitarist Ron Jarzombek, the godfather of technical metal. So technical it hurts.

Blotted Science play only instrumentals and their stuff is heavy, complex, technical and brutal. Their instrumentals sound like technical death metal, just without vocals. - Metal_Treasure

3 Enigma Machine - Dream Theater

About 6 minutes of impressive Dream Theater music. What else to expect from them? - Metal_Treasure

4 Magnetic Propulsion - Flametal

Flamenco metal is the most interesting experiment in metal after 2000 and it was invented by this band - Flametal.
Flamenco guitars - Ben Woods. - Metal_Treasure

5 Fearless - Gus G.

Gus G. is one of the best young neoclassical guitarists. Give him a chance.
He is the mastermind behind metal band Firewind but he releases solo albums as well. - Metal_Treasure

6 Ex Nihilo - Revocation

2018 was great for metal. This amazing instrumental is with regular length - 4:24. - Metal_Treasure

7 The Tell-Tale Heart - Christian Muenzner

Truly jaw-dropping guitar playing by a young guitarist (he played awesome leads for Obscura and Necrophagist).
Find on YT: Christian Muenzner - The Tell Tale Heart (Demonstration).
It's a Guitar playthrough video to "The Tell-Tale Heart" from his 2011 solo album Timewarp.
He released his mindblowing solo album in the same year he released a mindblowing album with Obscura - Omnivium. - Metal_Treasure

8 Message Sonore - Augury

2018 (I think it's awesome) - Metal_Treasure

9 Conquer... or Die! - Megadeth

A 3.33 minute piece by Kiko and Dave Mustaine. - Metal_Treasure

10 Thrill of the Chase - Gus G.

Another full-length instrumental by Gus G. (4:14 minutes long) - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 When Time Fades Away - Wintersun

A soft atmospheric piece of 2012 (4:08 min long) - Metal_Treasure

12 Concerto - Obscura

2011. An excellent Cacophony cover - Cacophony was the band of the virtuoso guitarists Jason Becker and Marty Friedman.

It isn't higher only because it's a cover. But this piece is nearly 5 minutes of sweep picking and other impressive stuff.

Guitars: Christian Muenzner and Steffen Kummerer (perfect coordination and synchronization between 2 guitarists) - Metal_Treasure

13 Kurzes Epos - Equilibrium

This "Kurzes Epos" (Short Epic) is 13:02 minutes long 😉 - Metal_Treasure

14 Elevation Path - Beyond Creation

I love it mainly for the fretless bass (by Dominic "Forest" Lapointe). Fretless bass is literally crying - those crying "muwahh" and "bwoww" sounds. - Metal_Treasure

15 Cosmosis (Bulerias) - Flametal
16 Aftermath - Gus G.
17 A Sting Operation: IV. Omitting Eyes - Blotted Science
18 A Last Farewell (Bonus Track) - Obscura

A very soft instrumental where bass is the leading instrument (song was written by the bassist - Linus Klausenitzer) - Metal_Treasure

19 Ingesting Blattaria - Blotted Science

Over 5 minutes prog/tech instrumental metal - Metal_Treasure

20 Vermicular Asphyxiation - Blotted Science
21 From Red To Black - Caym
22 Painters of the Tempest, Pt. I (Wyrmholes) - Ne Obliviscaris

Lead singer Tim Charles played both the piano and violin - Metal_Treasure

23 A Sting Operation: I. Human Barbequed - Blotted Science

From their 2011 EP The Animation Of Entomology - Metal_Treasure

24 Painters of the Tempest, Pt. III (Reveries from the Stained Glass Womb) - Ne Obliviscaris
25 Abstrait Dialog - Beyond Creation

A song of 2014 - Metal_Treasure

26 Alien Ghost Maneuvers - Flametal
27 Cuatro Cervezas (Sevillanas) - Flametal
28 Delusions of Saviour - Slayer
29 The Brain Dance - Animals as Leaders

AAL is described as progressive metal, although this tune in question isn’t quite metal. It’s still outstanding.

30 Legacy of Djinn (Bulerias) - Flametal
31 Pineal Eye (Bulerias) - Flametal
32 Chromatic Horizon - Beyond Creation
33 Devour Me, Colossus, Pt. II (Contortions) - Ne Obliviscaris
34 Libera (Part II) - Ascent of Burning Moths - Ne Obliviscaris Libera (Part II) - Ascent of Burning Moths - Ne Obliviscaris
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