Top 10 Metal Instrumentals of the 21st Century


The Top Ten

1 Mana - Equilibrium Mana - Equilibrium
2 Orbital Elements - Obscura Orbital Elements - Obscura
3 Caprici Di Diablo - Yngwie Malmsteen Caprici Di Diablo - Yngwie Malmsteen

Known as one of the hardest pieces to play on guitar. - Metal_Treasure

4 Magnetic Propulsion - Flametal

Flametal (flamenco metal) combine real flamenco guitar and rhythms with very technical instrumental metal, influenced by thrash, prog and neo-classical metal. This band was founded in 2004 by Benjamin 'Ben' Woods - a flamenco and metal guitarist from California. - Metal_Treasure

5 Miles of Machines - Jeff Loomis
6 Synaptic Plasticity - Blotted Science

Blotted Science are a supergroup playing instrumental technical death metal.
Members: Ron Jarzombek (aka the Godfather of technical metal, guitars), Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse, bass), Hannes Grossmann (Obscura, Necrophagist, drums), Charlie Zeleny (Behold the Arctopus, drums), Chris Adler (Lamb Of God, Megadeth, drums). - Metal_Treasure

7 From Red to Black - Caym

A 2013 track available for preview only on (not on youtube). But the band members are so kind that allow you to legally download it for free. Caym are a relatively new Canadian metal band. - Metal_Treasure

8 Wheel of Time (Orchestral Version) - Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian epicness and perfectionism at their best - it sounds awesome even without vocals. I prefer the original version with vocals but this is still majestic. - Metal_Treasure

It's so nice that the song sample is really the orchestral version! - Metal_Treasure

9 Stream of Consciousness - Dream Theater
10 Concerto - Obscura

The Newcomers

? Final Form - Oceano

The Contenders

11 Suicide and Redemption - Metallica

Thanks for adding it, christangrant. I agree with you - it's pretty good, maybe not as mindblowing as some of the other instrumentals on this list but yeah, it's good. - Metal_Treasure

Yes I Added This Because It's The Only Metallica Instrumental They Made In The 21st Centry Its Good Just Not As Good As The Other Instumentals Metallica Made - christangrant

12 Cosmosis (Bulerias) - Flametal
13 Activation Synthesis Theory - Blotted Science

Just play the song sample. I believe Blotted Science are currently the most technical metal band (actually a supergroup, which explains their high level of musicianship). - Metal_Treasure

14 A Sting Operation: I. Human Barbequed - Blotted Science
15 Aces High - Flametal

Iron Maiden cover, flamenco style. - Metal_Treasure

16 The Closest I’ve Come - Earthside

One of the masterpieces that came out in 2015. And this is from a debut album! The band might be more like prog rock than metal though. They aren't on EM. - Metal_Treasure

17 Heiderauche - Equilibrium

Words can't describe this one... so beautiful... - Metal_Treasure

18 Alien Ghost Maneuvers - Flametal
19 Magic and Mayhem - Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force
20 Laser Lobotomy - Blotted Science
21 Baroque & Roll - Yngwie Malmsteen
22 Legacy of Djinn (Bulerias) - Flametal
23 A Sting Operation: IV. Omitting Eyes - Blotted Science
24 Brain Fingerprinting - Blotted Science
25 Cuatro Cervezas (Sevillanas) - Flametal
26 Cretaceous Chasm - Blotted Science
27 Pineal Eye (Bulerias) - Flametal
28 The Insomniac - Blotted Science
29 Por Arriba (Solea) - Flametal
30 Forbidden Zone - Flametal
31 E.E.G. Tracing - Blotted Science
32 Gates of Babylon - Flametal

Rainbow cover from the album "Heavy Mellow" - Metal Classics on Flamenco Guitars. - Metal_Treasure

33 Devil Theory - Jeff Loomis
34 Outro - Lääz Rockit
35 The Fire and the Fury - Firewind

Gus G is one of the best young guitarists. - Metal_Treasure

36 Conquer... or Die! - Megadeth
37 Raise the Hammer - HammerFall
38 Tyven - Moonsorrow
39 1777 - Russian Circles
40 Dialectic Chaos - Megadeth
41 Youngblood - Russian Circles
42 When Time Fades Away - Wintersun
43 Enigma Machine - Dream Theater
44 Sine Missione - Moonspell
45 Citadel - AngelMaker
46 Kam - Mezarkabul
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1. Mana - Equilibrium
2. Miles of Machines - Jeff Loomis
3. Orbital Elements - Obscura


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