Gravity Perseus


My gravity destroyer just smashed meteo-l drago out of the stadium it's a very good bey indeed and the most interesting part it can spin both sides.

Gravity destroyer can spin both ways! I think it can beat Meteo L-Drago. I really want to own it! By the way, does anyone know what Gravity Destroyer's special attack is?

Gravity perseus is the best ever defense type bey and it's so awesome it beat all my other Beyblades. I've got hell kerbecs, fang leone, galaxy pegasus and way more

It sent my bigbang pegasus 3 feet 20 inches away from my mobile stadium

AWESOME BEY! IT Almost destroyed my dark gasher, lightning l drago and burn fireblaze. Meteo L drago is just a joke! Aditya uppal 10 years

I think gravity perseus is the most powerful because it last long spinning and I faced my dad and then my bey was broken into a thousand peices

Gravity destroyer is the strongest bey because it has great defense, stamina, attack, it can defeat all it has all the power it is the greatest bey i, ve eve seen

Gravity destroyer is awesome bey it can stadium out my friends ray striker ray gil and flame serpent but at this time it is sick because a tourna ment between us is announced and it's a stadium out to my gravity destroyer

Best bey ever! When it is off the open hole on mode 2 it can fling beys that are around the same hight like ray stiker and ray gill.

I love the bey because it can fight
Till the end and we can also change
The mood and it looks cool because
Of the metal is black

I like ray unicorno because he even beat meteo l-drago basalt horogriun in a battle and he was the last one standing.

I try to fight the diablo and the diablo was broken into peices

His fusion wheel acts like a helemet! It's wicked awesome. I went against my friend's ray striker and galaxy peguases and won

Gravity perseus is amzing. It can soin both right and left, also it has lots of modes such as defense-left defense-right, counter-left counter right.

Gravity perseus spins left and right but meteo ldrago only let one hit of perseus is eneough for meteo ldrago to be flown out of stadium

Graviti destroyer is top 3th Beyblade in the world. It is defense Beyblade
I am top 1st Beyblade in my aparment. I love destroyer. Please vote with me.

He is the best bey ever with great defense
And it has got left right spin
And he has got a lot of energi in his tip