Best Metal Masters Combined Beys

The Top Ten

1 Galaxy Lacerta

This is by far the ultimate stamina type, its like legendary, it can spin so long, its not even funny,

Special move: crimson blast

2 Twisted Byxis

Really good defense and can do some cool smash attacks

Special move:magnet smash

3 Storm Zurafa

I forget what type it is, but it earns number 3

Its special move is storm slash

4 Hades Leone

Think about it, the lion of hell, scary

Special move typhune shock

5 Blitz Fire Blaze

Now it has some attack too

Special move blitzing fire strike

6 Cyclone Unicornio

One word, ATTACK

Special move hurrican blast

7 Meteo Leone

I think that's what its called, my friend created this combo, its an illegal bey, don't use in tournaments

Special move meteor slash

8 Saving...

Be sure to put in the iternal defense spin track, its good with it

Special move lightning blitzer

9 Lightning Cetus

Kinda hard to put together, but worth it

Special move, thunder slam

10 Flame Kerbecs

Look, its not that its bad, its actually real good

Special move flare howl

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