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1 Jason Suecof

I really enjoy a lot of the records he's produced. He's worked with lots of great metal bands like Trivium, All That Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Deicide. - MetalFoREVer1228

2 Fredrik Nordström

He's worked with the best bands in Sweden and around there. He's worked with Arch Enemy, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, and Opeth to name a few. - MetalFoREVer1228

3 Terry Date

Pantera. That is all. - MetalFoREVer1228

Work on Bring Me The Horizon is awesome

4 Rick Rubin Rick Rubin Frederick Jay "Rick" Rubin is an American record producer and former co-president of Columbia Records.

Underrated And Rock isn't His Major

He's best known for his work with Slayer but he's worked with many other great bands like System of a Down, Danzig, AC/DC, Nine Inch Nails, and even some hip-hop artists like Public Enemy and LL Cool J. - MetalFoREVer1228

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5 Adam Dutkiewicz Adam Dutkiewicz Adam Jonathan Dutkiewicz is an American musician, recording engineer, songwriter, and music producer, best known as the lead guitarist and backup vocalist from Massachusetts metalcore bands Killswitch Engage, Aftershock, and Times of Grace.

Done work with some of the best up-and-coming metalcore bands. He's produced for Killswitch Engage (obviously), Parkway Drive, The Acacia Strain, All That Remains, Shadows Fall, Unearth, and so on. - MetalFoREVer1228

Smartest bastard alive

6 Martin Birch

Must be in the top 3. Rising, Heaven and Hell, Machine Head, and Piece of Mind all have the best sound.

Machine Head, Heaven and Hell, The Number of the Beast, Rainbow Rising,
Need more? The Mob Rules, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Made In Japan, all Maiden albums (1981-1992), Deep Purple In Rock, Fireball, Burn. Excellent producer.

Simply the best, #1 - Metal_Treasure

The one and only...the best of 80s is PIECE OF MIND...Andy Sneap said that

7 Flemming Rasmussen

Produced Metallica's Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, and... And Justice For All. He also produced Morbid Angel's Covenant.

Superb work with Metallica, and then broke all records (in my opinion) with By Inheritance.

Why Flemming Rasmussen isn't higher on this list is beyond me

He's amazing and I made a list about him - Top 10 Music Albums Recorded, Mixed or Produced by Flemming Rasmussen.
Metallica - Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets,...And Justice for All (besides, he mixed Garage Inc.)
Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle-Earth, Imaginations From The Other Side
Artillery - By Inheritance
Morbid Angel - Covenant
Rainbow - Bent Out of Shape, Difficult to Cure
... and more. - Metal_Treasure

8 Joey Sturgis

I like the way his albums sound. The drums especially, they sound really punchy. But anyway, he's worked with bands like Oceano, Miss May I and The Devil Wears Prada. I'm not a fan of his work with Asking Alexandria or any of those other bands, but his albums sound really good regardless. - MetalFoREVer1228

He's a prodigy. He's very much further ahead than most people in the genre. Love his work with Asking Alexandria!

9 Mark Lewis

I believe he works with Suecof. He's worked with my 2 favorite deathcore bands, Whitechapel and Carnifex. He's also worked with Deicide, Dååth, God Forbid, and others. - MetalFoREVer1228

10 Machine

Not much is really known of him other than he's worked with the likes of Lamb of God, Suicide Silence, and Miss May I - MetalFoREVer1228

The Contenders

11 Andy Sneap

What is Andy Sneap doing below the Top 10? Sharpest producer in the biz in my opinion.

I like his preset on metal foundry and the quality control he has on the records

We want him for one maiden album

12 Ross Robinson

He's produced with some of the finest metal bands out there, including Sepultura, Soulfly, Slipknot, Machine Head and Korn. - MetalFoREVer1228

Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Deftones, Sepultura, Soulfly, Machine Head and Fear Factory...
Great producer.

13 Scott Burns

Produced albums by Cannibal Corpse, Death, Napalm Death, Suffocation, Obituary, Sepultura etc. He knows how to make it sound heavy

14 Colin Richardson

A true pioneer of the genre, deserves to feature at least in the top 3.. Every one of his records sound amazing, and completely individual.

Produced great albums with the likes of Machine Head, Bullet for My Valentine, Carcass, and Trivium. - MetalFoREVer1228

One of, if not the best metal(core) producer, Rise To Remain, Trivium, Bullet...

He's awesome

15 Nick Raskulinecz
16 Adam "Nergal" Darski
17 Misha Mansoor

Is a self-taught producer from Bethesda, Massachusetts. He has produced his own band Periphery, Haunted Shores, and even the technically acclaimed guitarist Tosin Abasi.

18 Erik Rutan
19 Chuck Schuldiner Chuck Schuldiner Charles Michael "Chuck" Schuldiner (1967-2001) was an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, best known as the founder and vocalist, guitarist and bassist of the American heavy metal band Death. He is considered the most influential figure in Death Metal, with some publications referring to Chuck more.
20 Adam "Nolly" Getgood
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