Aragorn Rants: Hypersensitive People and Censorship

You'd know that I do like some genres of metal. I'm not too much of an extreme metal guy but I'll listen to it anyway depending on my mood. One time I decided to listen to some black metal so I went to a Dark Funeral video titled My Funeral. After clicking on it, there was like a serious warning at the beginning telling me that the video was really graphic, violent and filled with disturbing imagery. It said this:


Due to the graphic violence and gory nature of this music video, viewer discretion is advised! The following music video contains graphic violence and may feature material and disturbing images that some people may find offensive. If you're the type of "viewer" who have a weak constitution or are easily offended by extreme graphic, violence or controversial lyrics, please do not continue! If the representation of violent and repulsive subject matters upsets you, please do NOT watch this video! This video does NOT glamorize or in any other way glorify or promote death, suicide or violence.

Not suitable for all ages!

Do not remove this disclaimer"

I was like "is this video really that bad?" Then I decided to watch it. It turned out to be a complete disappointment cause the video itself wasn't at all too graphic. I mean there was literally a little bit of blood and a guy shooting himself in the mouth. I get that suicide is bad and all but disturbing? Hell no!

Are people really this sensative? This is what gets on my nerves most of the time, hypersensitive people. They're so weak-minded that they can't even handle the smallest things. And the warning at the beginning of this video is a pure example. There's other music videos that have much more worse stuff in them (have you even seen Cattle Decapitation's Forced Gender Reassignment or Cephalic Carnage's Ohrwurm?). It's censorship abuse. I'm not anti-censorship cause I know that we do have to censor things sometimes but this has gone too far. How about using this kind of warning for a much more gruesome video instead of this one. Maybe that way you'll know that there's much more violent stuff out there cause you really have been living under a rock.