Top Ten Metal Musicians You Want to Play a Specific Video Game

The Top Ten

1 Kirk Hammett - Pokemon Pearl

What the..?


Robert:"Stop fighting against fire Pkmns with Pkmns! "
Captain Kirk:"WA WA, what!? You didn't
give me ONE chance to even try it."

While in an AWESOME Californian Chop Suey Restaurant

Serj Tankian:"Because I wanted too."

2 Ozzy Osbourne - Batman: Arkham Knight

Ozzy:'Why isn't any dhkvfkkvddgvjkfxhjjcd
Now I want to bite a bats head of..."

*Batman from the game looks into his eyes and cries*

Ozzy:'Okay dgjvgkkjdss not yours."
*secretly he does*

3 Abbath - Grand Theft Auto 5

Abbath: ugh, I'm dirty with blood...i think I must take a-bbath - Anonymous1234


You :"Oh man,it's lagging."
Abbath:"No,I froze it for you so you
can take a bbath and I can play it.

4 Fred Durst - Singstar Fred Durst - Singstar William Frederick "Fred" Durst is an American musician and film director. Durst is best known as the vocalist of the nu metal band Limp Bizkit, formed in 1994, with whom he has released six studio albums.

You always win.

"HEY! I did it once for a nookie&this is
how you trick or treat ME!? ",Fred Durst

My generation's rollin' different
but you're right. I'm sorry.
Fred Durst wins or he'll break your stuff

"YEAH! ",Fred Durst

Brackstreet Boys:"This is how we do it."

Fred & me:"What the...!? "

5 Adam Webster - Just Dance

In a basement in NY with basic
bass guitars in it as decoration.

"Wow, 'it's all about the base' is pretty
cool do dance.",Alex
Paul:"Well it's kinda slow. It needs some double bass."

6 Rob Halford - Red Dead Redemption

Rob:'Why does he break the law? "
Me:'He's an outlaw."
You:"How did I get here? "
Me:"With the power of Metal of course! "

7 George Fisher - World of Warcraft
8 Su Metal - Halo 5

Of course she only speaks Japanese
so it's English dubbed/translated

"Okay,I never knew why boys love
videogames but they are great.",Su Metal
said after playing Toyio.

9 Hansi Kürsch - Mario Paint

Hansi:"Ich werde jetzt blind einen Wächter malen."
Hansi:"Now I will paint a guardian...blind.."

Mickey:"This is EPIC! "

10 Tom Araya - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Little kid:"You c***! You noob, you're
to old to play video games! "

*Tom tranforms into a jet&flies to this kid*

Tom:"Stop being rude."

After lots of laughing,he gave him a Slayer
cd he flew home and changed forever
this girls (it was a girl) life.

1 month later

The girl went to college,is a thrash-fan now
and hates when it rains blood.

The Contenders

11 Vinesauce Vinny - Um Jammer Lammy
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